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Brooke Marks: Sleep Creep Premium Wins Video

Brooke Marks just released a new Premium Wins video! After a long photoshoot, Brooke needs a nap. She asks the photographer if she can crank up the A/C, then she slips into bed wearing a thong and cotton lingerie. Once she hits her deep sleep cycle, her mischievous photographer starts messing with the thermostat.

As the temperature goes up, Brooke Marks starts shedding her clothes. She ends up napping in the nude!

This is a hot 14-minute video filled some great pussy and nip slips. There are also great views of Brooke’s pretty feet if you’re into that! Watching this cute blonde flail around in bed is a surprising treat. I think we are discovering the creation of a fun new fetish category with this Sleep Creep video!

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Spencer Nicks: Extreme Tease Orgasm Premium Wins Video

Spencer Nicks dropped her newest Premium Wins video today and it is her hottest video ever! Wow!

Spencer Nicks: Extreme Tease Orgasm Premium Wins Video

After being gone for 4 years, she’s been really blowing (literally) past her former boundaries since her return. But this is truly next level stuff!

You do not want to miss this 21 minute video of Spencer Nicks nipping out of a fishnet dress while sucking and cumming (twice) on a big blue vibrating dildo!

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Brooke Marks: Mile High Hottie Premium Wins Video

Brooke Marks joins the Mile High Club in her new Premium Wins video! Well no, she doesn’t really have sex on an airplane, but she is doing a nude striptease out of a sexy stewardess costume that will get your cockpit ready for takeoff.

This video and gallery pack is not available on her site, you can only get it on Premium Wins! 48 photos and a 6 minute HD video for $14.99. Some nice topless nip slips, as you can see below!

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Bailey Knox: Masturbating with Markers Premium Wins Collection

Back in 2015, Bailey Knox released a special video entitled Oh My Markers where she masturbates with markers. As the story goes, Bailey Knox was still living at home when she was a mere 18, and just starting out on her website. She was too embarrassed to hide sex toys in her bedroom, so she turned to markers. Yes, regular old Crayola markers she’d otherwise use to draw unicorns or rainbows!

She had even experimented with them during her early live webcam shows, which you can now download the whole collection on Premium Wins! Here’s the rundown…

Video 1: Bailey Knox: Testing My MarkersBailey Knox: Testing My Markers

This is the camshow that started it all! In just her third week camming, a young 18-year-old Bailey Knox reveals to her members her fondess for art supplies when she fucks herself with her mom in the next room!

Video 2: Bailey Knox: Cumming On My MarkersBailey Knox: Cumming On My Markers

This time highlighters are the tool of choice as, again, Bailey Knox maturbates for her members live on webcam.

Video 3: Bailey Knox: Masturbating with Markers

This was the last appearance of the markers on webcam, but Bailey really went wild fucking herself in one of her most famous camshows of her early days!

It wasn’t until many years later that fans finally got to see Bailey Knox masturbate with markers in a true HD video! But, as mentioned earlier, they got their wish in 2015 with the Oh My Markers Zipset Video! A true classic that you can also now download on Premium Wins!

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Spencer Nicks: Footjob or Handjob Premium Wins Video

Spencer Nicks is back in full force! Her newest video on Premium Wins has her seemingly offering you a choice between a Footjob or a Handjob. A true dilemma! However, this is actually a trick question, because it’s her twerking phat ass that will really make you lose your mind!
Spencer Nicks: Footjob or Handjob Premium Wins Video

Included are 20 pictures and a super sexy 17 minute video of nude Spencer Nicks simulating her hand, foot and ass sexual coordination on a big dildo!

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Avery Ray: Premium Wins Inflatable Cock Tease Video

This never-before-released video of Avery Ray stroking and riding a giant inflatable cock is exactly why Premium Wins exists!

58 pictures and a hot 6-minute video has this busty blonde going from stripping out of her sheer red bikini to straddling the blow-up phallus. She rode it so hard, I’m surprised it didn’t pop. I did watching her!
Avery Ray: Premium Wins Inflatable Cock Tease Video

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Sexy Pattycake: Fifty Shades of Cake Premium Video

If you’re looking for that special Valentine’s Day gift to yourself, you can watch Pattycake fuck a cake.

Fifty Shades of Cake, her newest Premium Video, came out today, and she literally fucks her dessert in a wedding dress! This is 38-minutes of wet and wessy heaven, if you’re into that sort of thing. If you’re not, she still is shaking her PAWG ass like I’ve never seen as she grinds down on a dildo sticking out of the cake after she sucks out some sweet white cream. I guess Pattycake isn’t as much of a fan of candles, as she is of blowing.

Remember, you have to be a member to purchase her Premium Videos, and they are only available for a short time. Pattycake, also, very rarely re-releases them, so you better download it now!

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Sexy Pattycake: Squirmtrooper Premium Video

Pattycake continues her annual Cyber Monday tradition, dropping a hot new Star Wars inspired Premium Video!

Squirmtrooper is a 37-Minute sexual cosplay fantasy starring Pattycake as “Spermtrooper PC-69”. She is being Jedi mind tricked into a “forced” orgasm atop an Imperial sex droid…aka that new Sybian she unboxed last week on YouTube. She has no problem cumming to the Dark Side!

These premium videos are only available for members to purchase, and for only a limited time, but Patty really goes all out for the Cyber Monday releases, so if there is only one you’re going to get this year, this is it! Check out that trailer!

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Brooke Marks: Premium Wins Predator Girlfriend Video

Brooke Marks: Premium Wins Predator Girlfriend Video
Some people start celebrating Halloween in late August, Brooke Marks, however likes to keep the creepiest and scariest holiday going well into November.

In her newest Premium Video, Brooke gives us something we’ve never seen before…a female Predator! Not a predator of females like Harvey Weinstein, but an actual alien Predator with boobs!

Arnold Schwarzenegger would love this! He is returning for another Terminator; maybe if he sees Brooke Marks’ sexy Predator cosplay, we can get him to do a real sequel without the Xenomorphs (and Danny Glover)? That would be awesome!

The full UNCENSORED video is about 10 minutes long and includes over 100 photos. Don’t worry, Brooke doesn’t use the cloaking device to hide her nips, she’s topless! Get it right now on Premium Wins!

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Sexy Pattycake: The Island Premium Video

We know that Pattycake came back from Florida a changed woman. She rode a Sybian, she leaked some very intimate hardcore photos, and now we finally get to see some video of what caused her sexual awakening in her new Premium Video!

Pattycake found a secluded cabin on a remote island off the Florida coast. Not sure if the place has magical powers, but it definitely caused something to get into her. You may think it was some kind of smoke monster trickery like in Lost, but no, she fucked an actual cock with the cream to prove it! Yes, we finally see her taking it doggy style, right there in the cabin’s window! Insatiable as she is, Pattycake goes again using just her fingers, rubbing that creampie all over her smooth fertile pussy. Her big boobs bouncing in a bikini top as she cums one more time with her legs spread in a delicious orgasmic dessert after having sex!

As with all her Premium Videos, only members can purchase them and they are only available for a limited time!

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