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Avery Ray: Premium Wins Inflatable Cock Tease Video

This never-before-released video of Avery Ray stroking and riding a giant inflatable cock is exactly why Premium Wins exists!

58 pictures and a hot 6-minute video has this busty blonde going from stripping out of her sheer red bikini to straddling the blow-up phallus. She rode it so hard, I’m surprised it didn’t pop. I did watching her!
Avery Ray: Premium Wins Inflatable Cock Tease Video

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Sexy Pattycake: Fifty Shades of Cake Premium Video

If you’re looking for that special Valentine’s Day gift to yourself, you can watch Pattycake fuck a cake.

Fifty Shades of Cake, her newest Premium Video, came out today, and she literally fucks her dessert in a wedding dress! This is 38-minutes of wet and wessy heaven, if you’re into that sort of thing. If you’re not, she still is shaking her PAWG ass like I’ve never seen as she grinds down on a dildo sticking out of the cake after she sucks out some sweet white cream. I guess Pattycake isn’t as much of a fan of candles, as she is of blowing.

Remember, you have to be a member to purchase her Premium Videos, and they are only available for a short time. Pattycake, also, very rarely re-releases them, so you better download it now!

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Sexy Pattycake: Squirmtrooper Premium Video

Pattycake continues her annual Cyber Monday tradition, dropping a hot new Star Wars inspired Premium Video!

Squirmtrooper is a 37-Minute sexual cosplay fantasy starring Pattycake as “Spermtrooper PC-69”. She is being Jedi mind tricked into a “forced” orgasm atop an Imperial sex droid…aka that new Sybian she unboxed last week on YouTube. She has no problem cumming to the Dark Side!

These premium videos are only available for members to purchase, and for only a limited time, but Patty really goes all out for the Cyber Monday releases, so if there is only one you’re going to get this year, this is it! Check out that trailer!

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Brooke Marks: Premium Wins Predator Girlfriend Video

Brooke Marks: Premium Wins Predator Girlfriend Video
Some people start celebrating Halloween in late August, Brooke Marks, however likes to keep the creepiest and scariest holiday going well into November.

In her newest Premium Video, Brooke gives us something we’ve never seen before…a female Predator! Not a predator of females like Harvey Weinstein, but an actual alien Predator with boobs!

Arnold Schwarzenegger would love this! He is returning for another Terminator; maybe if he sees Brooke Marks’ sexy Predator cosplay, we can get him to do a real sequel without the Xenomorphs (and Danny Glover)? That would be awesome!

The full UNCENSORED video is about 10 minutes long and includes over 100 photos. Don’t worry, Brooke doesn’t use the cloaking device to hide her nips, she’s topless! Get it right now on Premium Wins!

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Sexy Pattycake: The Island Premium Video

We know that Pattycake came back from Florida a changed woman. She rode a Sybian, she leaked some very intimate hardcore photos, and now we finally get to see some video of what caused her sexual awakening in her new Premium Video!

Pattycake found a secluded cabin on a remote island off the Florida coast. Not sure if the place has magical powers, but it definitely caused something to get into her. You may think it was some kind of smoke monster trickery like in Lost, but no, she fucked an actual cock with the cream to prove it! Yes, we finally see her taking it doggy style, right there in the cabin’s window! Insatiable as she is, Pattycake goes again using just her fingers, rubbing that creampie all over her smooth fertile pussy. Her big boobs bouncing in a bikini top as she cums one more time with her legs spread in a delicious orgasmic dessert after having sex!

As with all her Premium Videos, only members can purchase them and they are only available for a limited time!

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Bailey Knox: The Hypnatchi – Halloween 2015 Zipset Video

Update: October 13, 2017
In honor of Friday the 13th being in October this year, and syncing up with the same month as Halloween, the special Bailey Knox Hypnatchi Halloween video is being re-released on Premium Wins! This video was only a available for a short time back in 2015, and only if you were a member of Bailey’s website. If you missed it, you really missed out! It’s an epic video that even features a cameo by Brooke Marks…I mean, Cam Ghost!
Bailey Knox: The Hypnatchi - Halloween 2015 Zipset Video

It’s Halloween, and, as promised, we finally get to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Hypnatchi vibrator that Bailey Knox received in the mail from her “biggest fan”. Who sent it? What happened after Bailey pressed it against her pussy? Will Eduardo the Seal survive the night? Can you really see Bailey Knox nude if you pay $19.99 (*NEW Lower 2017 Price!) to purchase the video? All these questions will be answered…and more! Check out the EXTENDED trailer!

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Sexy Pattycake: Baewatch: Training Day Premium Video

Pattycake released a hot new Premium Video today!

She has always wanted to run down the beach in the famous red swimsuit that Pam Anderson made famous in the 90s. So I guess it was that fondness that lead Pattycake to train to follow along with the other thing Pam Anderson is famous for…the Tommy Lee sex tape.

Both Tommy and the Hoff were busy, but Patty managed to find a state-of-the-art water rescue simulation station and “BOB” (big orgasm buoy) to practice her tongue kissing, face sitting, sixty-nining, and full penetrative sex right now!

Download the a 22-minute video right now!

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Bailey Knox: Our Sexy Tape Zipset Hardcore Video

Breaking Update: August 5, 2017
This Bailey Knox sextape video was originally released on April 20, 2016, but it was only available for a limited time and only if you were a member of her site. Well, as of today, EVERYONE can download it on this new site, Premium Wins!

Bailey Knox Sextape Hardcore Video

Sweet, innocent Bailey Knox finally took that big leap from non nude “glamour” model to handjobs to full-on fucking!

This is her first ever hardcore video. It’s been rumored to exist, and it’s finally here! This very special zipset is beyond epic, so it is only available to her members to purchase. If you are not already a member, don’t worry — you just have to join her site first.

At nearly 35 minutes of Bailey Knox having sex all the way to a facial (sorry for the spoiler), it’s a dream come true. Yes, the cock is real and not pixelated in the full HD video! I know you guys need to see that for authenticity purposes. I vouch that Bailey does indeed fuck a real dick in this zipset! #nodildo

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Sexy Pattycake: Darth Patty: Cum To The Dark Side Premium Video – Re-release

In celebration of Star Wars Day, Pattycake is re-releasing her 42-minute epic premium Darth Patty: Cum To The Dark Side video for one week only starting today! Read our original post on this video, which was one of her most popular and hottest ever!

If you want the make your May the 4th even better, you don’t have to travel to a galaxy far, far away, just download her Bathing Leia zipset video to complete your Pattycake Star Wars cosplay collection!

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Sexy Pattycake: Patty & The Beast Premium Video

Pattycake just released her newest Premium Video entitled, Patty & The Beast, and it is quite an epic tale of forbidden sexual desires!

This video is a 37-minute sexual cosplay fantasy set in the world of Beauty & the Beast. The Beast has Patty locked away, and as much as she tries to fight her urges to fall victim to Stockholm syndrome, she loses control once she sees his BBC (Big Beast Cock)! I’m not sure if Pattycake is taming the Beast or vice versa. He creams all over her, but she even had him muff diving!

I haven’t been this excited for beastly romance since Ron Perlman pulled Linda Hamilton into the sewers in the 1980s.

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