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Meet Madden: Washing The Stairs Video

Madden is supposed to be washing the stairs, but she can’t keep from getting wet! I wish she’d come clean my house like that!

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Nikki Sims: Baby Oil Video

Nikki Sims has fun with baby oil while wearing tighty-whities and a wife beater.

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Sexy Pattycake: Dirty Politician: Erection Day Premium Video

This election has left a bad taste in virtually everyone’s mouth. Most people voting today seem to be doing it begrudgingly. Well, once you’re done with this election, Pattycake wants to help you with your erection! She will wash that taste of your mouth with deliciously messy chocolate!

We’ve replaced debates over stimulus packages like in 2008, with pussy grabbing. Well, Pattycake will stimulate your package while grabbing her pussy!

Afraid of what’s going to happen to the job market? Pattycake has you covered with all the best jobs…foot jobs, hand jobs and blowjobs!

America may (or may never) become great again. It all depends on where you are sitting. But, this new Premium video from Pattycake will definitely make orgasms great again!

Clocking in at over 30 minutes, this video has her shedding her red hat and lady suit, and washing away 2016 with some chocolate syrup in the shower. She finally goes to town with that giant red dildo she’s been teasing lately, too.

Remember, she pulls her premium videos after a short time, so you better get on this now! It’s also available only for members to purchase ($24.95), so you have to join her site to buy it!

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Meet Madden: Wet Yoga Pants Video

Madden wets down her white yoga pants with baby oil. Tighty whities!

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Bailey Knox: The Neckbeard Uncensored Video

The neckbeard strikes again! Back in the summer, Misty Gates fell prey to the King Weeaboo, himself. Though, I have to say she did deserve it! She stole his fucking Deception magnet! But poor Bailey Knox, she just became his victim looking for love.

Bailey shows up hoping to hookup with “A.J.”, a catfish she was talking to on a dating app. She fell for it big time. She even sent him nude selfies! Instead, all she finds is a blast of scopolamine to the face.

Sir Neckbeard, now calling himself T.G (The Gentleman), shackles the drugged Bailey Knox to a wheelchair with duct tape and squirts babyoil all over her tanned, toned body while revealing his dastardly plan. He proceeds to slide a Hitachi under her ass and right up against her pussy while quizzing her on the traits of a proper gentleman.

If she passes the test, he will show her how well he can pleasure M’lady. He tells her he can “make her pussy juice boil.” You’ll have to watch the full UNCENSORED video to find out what cums next!

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Sexy Pattycake: Hit The Showers II Limited Time Only Video

In her newest Limited Time Only video, Pattycake hits the showers in a face-down, ass-up masturbation extravaganza! PAWG! Download now, might be gone tomorrow…

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Nikki Sims: Popsicle Video

Nikki Sims gets a little too wet and messy sucking on a popsicle. So, she takes her shirt off and melts it between her sticky cleavage.

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Lily XO: Milky Goodness

Lily XO takes a nude milk bath with some fruit loops.

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Nikki Sims: Bubble Bikini

Unable to get boob insurance — JLo even said that was never a thing — Nikki Sims was forced to protect her most precious assets by wapping those big boobs up in a bubble wrap bikini.

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Nikki Sims: Bubble Bikini Video

Nikki Sims wraps up her big boobs in a bubble wrap bikini. Wait till you see her pussy pressed up against the bubbles! I just want to pop them like Larry David.

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