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Nikki Sims: Webcam from 02/08/16

During this week’s live webcam show, Nikki Sims squirted baby oil all over her camel toe pussy and tight round ass.

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Sexy Pattycake: Hit The Showers I Video

When Referee Pattycake tells you to hit the showers, you should listen. She might join you!

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Nikki Sims: Snow Day

Nikki Sims went topless outside enjoying the remnants of the Snowzilla blizzard of 2016. She was even using some snow as pasties on her nipples before it melted away against her hot body.

Meanwhile, I’m still stuck in my house because all this damn snow is piled up against my door. No really, I’m running out of beer. Someone please help me!

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Bailey Knox: Raingasm Video

Wow, where do I even get started on this sexy video? Ever since Bailey Knox released her Raingasm gallery all the way back in September of 2014, her fans have been clamoring for the rumored video that was also shot that day. I mean the anticipation literally took on mythic proportions! I heard #RAINGASMVIDEO was even trending on Twitter for a while.

Well, it’s finally here! Bailey Knox gets doused with a hose as her clothes slide off her wet body. The rain. A powerful little vibrator strapped against her pussy forcing her to cum. The orgasm. And together they make the Raingasm video!


Check out the the 90 seconds below…a NIPS exclusive! Once that water came down, things sexalated quickly. Bailey was even topless; that tape over her nipples did not hold on at all when it was wet! I’m honestly surprised this video didn’t end up in her zip store because it’s that good! Luckily for you, her members can download it right now!

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Sexy Pattycake: Hit The Showers

Usually it’s the ref that tells you to hit the showers after they throw you out of the game. However, Referee Pattycake actually encourages unsportsmanlike conduct, so she’s the one getting in the shower for you. I think she favors the tight ends, though…because dat ass!

You should see how she does the coin toss before the game. That quarter bounces and splits the uprights. Ok, enough bad football puns. I’m going to go score a touchdown now.

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Lily XO: Golden Itty Bitty Sling

Lily XO gets wet in a bathtub wearing a golden itty bitty sling bikini.

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Nikki Sims: Laudry Day

So, I think my theory that Nikki Sims only does the laundry for the spin cycle is correct. On Friday’s video, we had her spot treating her nipples with detergent, and, today, the follow-up gallery is titled, Laudry. Also, if you really pay attention to the sequence of these photos, you see her wash colors and whites together. It’s true!

Nikki starts off in a wifebeater and shorts. Then she takes them both off to place in the washing machine. So, she’s topless while they go through their cycle, before she puts on the shirt again.

But then, Nikki Sims makes herself wet over the sink! That freshly cleaned white cotton turning translucent and clinging right to her cleavage. So, of course, she goes topless again, but now her thong is also quite moist…and that has to come off, too!

I think Nikki Sims has found the perfect way to get out of chores. She just acts like she doesn’t know what she’s doing, then just ends up naked! Genius! I’m going to try this on my lady the next time I’m asked to bring down the dirty clothes hamper.

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Nikki Sims: Laundry Day Video

I think the only thing Nikki Sims likes about laundry day is the spin cycle. She spot treats her nipples.

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Meet Madden: How Deep Is Your Love Video

Madden wants to know how deep is your love? Mine is about as deep as her wet camel toe in this video!

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Alisa Kiss: Happy New Year 2016 Video

Alisa kiss is getting all wet for 2016! Happy New Year, everyone!

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