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Nikki Sims: Happy 4th 2018

Topless Nikki Sims wishes you a Happy 4th of July!

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Zishy: Mallory Christopher Flex Your Frosh

Mallory Christopher snuck Zach Venice up to her college freshman dorm room to show off her athletic petite body on Zishy. She has a tight tummy, but she’s still packing a big round ass. Her secret? Well, her fitness motto is, “ery’day is leg day.” Mallory is obviously very proud of her results and we are happy to admire them!

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Zishy: Sabrina Nichole Texas Beanfields

Sabrina Nichole is one of my absolute favorite busty Instagram models! I first fell in love with her back when she was appearing nude for Playboy. It looks like she has traded in her long blonde locks for a more subdued short brunette cut for this appearance on Zishy. Though, with the glasses and her big boobs bouncing around under her sweatshirt, she’s kind of giving me a sexy Velma Dinkley vibe. All I know is when those sweater puppies are unleashed, I just want to howl, “Scooby dooby doo!” I think I’ve officially just become an incel.

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Zishy: Christine Ash Vapor Trails

Christine Ash vapes in the San Fernando Valley while showing off her amazing tight ass.

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Meet Madden: Parking Lot

Madden takes some risks with nip slips in a public parking lot.

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Zishy: Misty Lovelace Backbone Thrills

Cute ginger, Misty Lovelace, hikes through some of the Backbone Trail while sweating through her shorts, and flashing her perky boobs at the other hikers. After sporting some extreme camel toe, she ends up stripping nude, and showing her bush from behind a bush. Fire crotch!

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Sexy Pattycake: Candid Workout Video

Pattycake is back to blonde and already working on her summertime beach body! I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble she gets into this year!

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Zishy: Dannell and Kim Training Buds

We last saw this sexy athletic blonde, Dannell Norfolk, flashing her nips for Zishy back in December, but this time she’s ready to hit the gym with her hot brunette training bud, Kim Solari! I think these girls like each other a little more than they are letting on, but pulling out tits during dumbbell flys is not good gym etiquette!

I love fit girls, though! The legendary Cori Nadine was the first web model that hooked me during those early Web 1.0 days, and started me on this journey into never leaving the house or having a life in my 40s. You can even follow Cori Nadine on Instagram these days!

Maybe, in two decades, some of you will be stalking following Dannell Norfolk and Kim Solari on whatever version of the Internet President Zuckerberg allows us. But, for now, you can see both of these athletic babes nude at the gym on Zishy below!

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Sexy Pattycake: Backyard Yoga Video

Pattycake goes back to her natural blonde and works on her sexy ass with some backyard yoga.

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FTV Girls: Natalie: Fit, Sexy & Sensual Video

Take a trip to the gym with this sexy bubble butt Natalie! She earns that round rump with squats then gives us a nude peek in the women’s changing room.

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