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Zishy: Tiffany Drake With Noodles

We’ve seen this cutie Tiffany Drake a couple of times on Zishy already, but this is definitely her hottest gallery yet! Not only does her ass look fantastic in those jean shorts while slurping down some noodles, she gets nude in the backseat of a car sipping on a coke!

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Zishy: Sonya Ash White Lines Pt 1

Sonya Ash returns to Zishy to show off her tight ass in some super short Daisy Dukes! Even watching her drink water is sexy! Dat ass is making me thirsty!

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Neesy Rizzo: Hippie Shirt 2

Neesy Rizzo pulled down her tight white shorts to show off her amazing butt. I’m a big fan of the thong tanlines. I’m an even bigger fan of dat ass!

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Janet Gray: Janet on the Bed Video

Wow, it’s been almost a whole year since we’ve had any Cosmid here on NIPS!

They just hired a new affiliate manager named Wendy — who is very nice — so I was finally able to get some new content from them to post. They are still updating every single day like clockwork, which is amazing in this day and age. So, will give me more updates, as well! Win, win, win…we all win!

Janet Gray is 25-year-old musician from Michigan. She is quite the seductress with her dark hair and sexy eyes. She’s quickly becoming one of the model popular girls on Cosmid, and after seeing her squirt baby oil al over her perfect natural boobs, you will see why!

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FTV Girls: Jody: Very Strong Orgasms Video

Jody is cute leggy blonde just trying to get nude in public for FTV Girls when a creeper appears! Is that Konnan from World Championship Wrestling? That look on her face when he won’t go away is priceless!

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Neesy Rizzo: Hippie Shirt 1

Neesy Rizzo wants to wish you some peace and love in a flowy hippie style shirt while showing you a piece of her ass which we love! Butts not hate!

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FTV Girls: Jayde: Her Sensual Side Video

I have a thing for busty, blue-eyed, brunettes. This newcomer to FTV Girls named Jayde satisfies all three of my B’s! Check her out jogging topless and bending over on a sunny day.

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Brooke Marks: 07/03/18 Camshow: Sheerly Independent Video

Brooke Marks celebrated July 4th sitting down…in a thong!

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Neesy Rizzo: Daisy Dukes

I know things have been slow around here, but it’s because I’ve been working behind-the-scenes on bringing some major sexiness your way!

It’s been no secret that the webmodel scene has been dying a slow death. The “newest” models I still feature here on NIPS are Bailey Knox and Meet Madden. I love them both, but their sites opened in 2010 and 2008, respectively. With Nikki Sims going into semi-retirement, I knew I had to do something drastic to turn things around. We needed some fresh faces!

So, since September of last year, I’ve been begging negotiating with famous glamour photographer, David Moser to get websites going for some of the ultra sexy girls he shoots pretty much every single day!

Neesy Rizzo was the first model he approached, and she was super excited to get started. Neesy has been featured on FHM, Sports Illustrated, and numerous other places. Her Instagram is rocking over 560,000 subscribers! This is like winning the first pick in the NBA lottery draft! Forget Lebron James going to the Lakers, this is the biggest news of the summer!

I really hope you guys support Neesy’s site by joining. David, her, and I have put a lot of work into it, and if it does well, I will be able to get more sites opened, and more new models up on NIPS!

But enough about me, let Neesy Rizzo in a pair of super short Daisy Duke jean shorts do the talking!

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Meet Madden: Bikini

Madden drops her Daisy Dukes for bikini bottoms.

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