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Neesy Rizzo: Pink Barbell

Neesy Rizzo loves working out, but she loves showing off the results even more! You better strap on your Fitbit, once she peels those tight pink yoga pants down to show off her firm athletic ass, your heart rate is going to be over 9000!

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Nikki Sims: Purple Mesh Video

Nikki Sims posted an alternative take of her Purple Mesh video that was originally posted in August of 2012. It’s one of her most popular videos of all time! Nikki Sims in a mesh top always drives her fans crazy, but remember, this was 6 years ago! Nikki was much more careful about being topless or showing her nipples. She apparently fell during this take, so they had to reshoot it.

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Zishy: Sonya Ash White Lines Pt 1

Sonya Ash returns to Zishy to show off her tight ass in some super short Daisy Dukes! Even watching her drink water is sexy! Dat ass is making me thirsty!

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Meet Madden: Backpacking

Madden takes a break from backpacking through the woods to have her own private wet t-shirt contest by a lake.

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Zishy: Wanda Ablee Sweet Baby Jesus

Adorable ginger Wanda Ablee tries on some sexy sheer lingerie.

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Bailey Knox: Lap Dance Training

Bailey Knox trains in the art of the lap dance with her grinding guru, Malloy Panda! This gallery was just released, but there was a related video from 2015, as well, entitled Casting Couch Lapdance.

If you’d like to get them both without the membership click here! Otherwise download from her site below!

Will the student cum become the masterbater? Find out now!

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Sexy Pattycake: Mixed Emotions V Video

Pattycake give a balloon a blowjob in slow motion till it explodes all over her face.

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Cosmid: Hannah Moore: Hannah’s First Video

I’m not sure stripping off your yoga pants and masturbating nude on the floor is the best way to cool down after a kettle bell workout. P90Sex? But, I’m not going to tell Hannah Moore that. Actually, maybe this curvy ginger might be onto something, because I want to go “workout” right now after watching her debut video! Check out Hannah Moore’s debut gallery, too!

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Cosmid: Hannah Moore: Hannah’s First Set

Hannah Moore is a fiery redhead who set Cosmid on fire in her debut! They knew she was special, so they posted her debut video on the same day! Miss Moore is pure sex appeal from her ginger hair to her full lips, perfect pink nipples, big round ass, and cute feet. I’m pretty sure my buddy David Moser shot this. Lucky!

Hannah kinda looks like like Gillian Anderson from the X-Files. There is a weird phenomenon that I’ve realized about Gillian. She is quite a beautiful woman, sure, but it’s hard for me to see her as “sexy”. For example, here’s Gillian Anderson giving a blowjob. Just doesn’t seem right! However, girls who look like her, even just a little bit, drive me wild!

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Janet Gray: Janet on the Bed Video

Wow, it’s been almost a whole year since we’ve had any Cosmid here on NIPS!

They just hired a new affiliate manager named Wendy — who is very nice — so I was finally able to get some new content from them to post. They are still updating every single day like clockwork, which is amazing in this day and age. So, will give me more updates, as well! Win, win, win…we all win!

Janet Gray is 25-year-old musician from Michigan. She is quite the seductress with her dark hair and sexy eyes. She’s quickly becoming one of the model popular girls on Cosmid, and after seeing her squirt baby oil al over her perfect natural boobs, you will see why!

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