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Sexy Pattycake: Baewatch IV

Pattycake brings back the sexy summertime heat of her Baewatch series! You can also now buy the Baewatch: Training Day premium video in her zip store! It was only available for a limited time on her site, and only for members. But, you can get it now even if you’re not a member.

She sucked and fucked a dummy in her final day of training for that iconic red bathing suit which made Pam Anderson famous as C.J. Parker!

This gallery must’ve been earlier in Pattycake’s “training” when she was just fucking herself with a vibrator. I would say if that video was Pamela Anderson, this gallery is Nicole Eggert.

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Zishy: Misty Lovelace Cherry Bottom Girl

Misty Lovelace shows off her amazing phat ass in a thong and sexy swimsuit. Zach Venice from Zishy said, “she has a butt that is from outer space.” Oh, how I would love to orbit it. Orbutt?

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Avery Ray: Black Slingshot Bikini

New old pictures of Avery Ray keep trickling out. This time they captured her next to the pool in a sexy black slingshot bikini. These photos may be a few years old, but this busty ginger’s big tits are legendary!

Download this gallery without the membership fee on Premium Wins!

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Nikki Sims: Late Night Skinny Dip Video

Nikki Sims slides off her bikini to take a late night skinny dip in her backyard pool. The last nude swim of the summer!

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Sexy Pattycake: BaeWatch II

Pattycake got her lifeguard certificate and a sexy red lifeguard swimsuit, so she is ready to save some drowning victims in this new BaeWatch gallery. Click this link if you want to see what she actually plans to do to the people she saves!

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Nikki Sims: Wet Aerobics Video

Nikki Sims does wet aerobics in her pool while nipping out in a wet sheer wifebeater, then grabs a jump rope so you can watch her big boobs bounce!

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Bailey Knox: Summer Job: Pool Cleaner

Bailey Knox likes to get off in water. Pools, hot tubs, bath tubs, showers, even rain…if there is water, Bailey is going to get wet! She even races Misty Gates to see who can orgasm the fastest. Loser has to clean the pool. Since Bailey Knox is the pool cleaner in this gallery, I guess she came too slow. There’s always next time, girl!

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Zishy: Vincenza Boscone Tour Di Milano

Zishy handed over camera duties to an Italian man named, Mitia, for this update. He shoots his gorgeous brunette muse, Vincenza Boscone, around Di Milano before getting her nude back at the hotel swimming pool.

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Nikki Sims: Pool Cleaner Video

Nikki Sims did a terrible job as a pool cleaner so she got the hose again. The high-powered spray blasted water against her hard sensitive nipples till she lifted her wet t-shirt to expose her soaked big boobs.

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Nikki Sims: Bubble Bikini

Unable to get boob insurance — JLo even said that was never a thing — Nikki Sims was forced to protect her most precious assets by wapping those big boobs up in a bubble wrap bikini.

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