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Nikki Sims: Dick Sucker Video

Nikki Sims trades in a very healthy apple for something super sweet. What a naughty girl sucking on her lollipop like that!

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Meet Madden: Lick Me Video

Madden likes to lick it like a lollipop. No, really!

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Brooke Marks: Webcam from 04/08/14: Monster Ballet Video

Here are highlights from the Brooke Marks webcam show on tuesday night. She is a monster ballerina, sucking on a lollipop in a sheer purple top. I never thought anything would match the epicness of the Toxic Avenger’s tutu until I saw this video! Looks like she had some trouble keeping her nips covered, too.

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Nikki Sims: Ice Video

Nikki Sims enjoys sucking on a nice cold ice lollipop before pressing it against her nipples and teasing them till they are hard and throbbing. Pulling and playing with them; letting the ice melt and drip down her big tits. She just loves feeling the freezing temperature against such a sensitive part of her body. And you can really see just how much she does indeed love it!

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Sexy Pattycake: Let Me Explain Video

Pattycake thinks she needs to explain how much she enjoys sucking on long hard candy. No, no, we can clearly see it in this video! Sweet!

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Brooke Marks: The Sluttiest Halloween Costumes and Blowjob Skills Zipset

Brooke Marks scoffed at the idea of bobbing for apples this Slutoween Halloween. It’s just not her favorite fruit. But, she loves Bananas! I mean really, really loves them! And she shows you just how much, as she sucks them down…literally. She also likes to eat raw meat. Though, there was a different kind of meat on the menu at this party; Brooke showed exactly how to take it deep down her throat.

She couldn’t decide on what to wear, either, so we get to see her trying on some really slutty costumes. I’m glad she settled on the topless nipples costume. Always a crowd favorite!

The video for this special Brooke Marks zipset is an epic 50 minutes long! It also comes with over 100 high resolution still photos. And you can get it now!

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Nikki Sims: Lick Don’t Bite

Nikki Sims wants you to lick and not bite. No teeth is a given. The real question is how many licks does it take? The answer is three, obviously.

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Nikki Sims: Red Sucker Video

Nikki Sims likes to add some extra flavor when she sucks on lollipops. I’m not sure what’s sweeter: the red candy or her juices coating the outside that she sucks off. She certainly gets that sucker real wet between her lips…and I’m not even using a euphemism there!

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Carlotta Champagne: Sexy and Funny

Carlotta Champagne has a good sense of humor and she’s also super hot! So it’s no wonder she’s a fan of the website Sexy and Funny, and you should be, too! I also like the melons both on her shirt, and under her shirt in this gallery!

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Jenna Miles: Pink Candy

Jenna Miles looks amazing in pink lingerie that can barely contain her big boobs!

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