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Zishy: Naomi Woods Healthy In Hollywood

Zishy owner, Zach Venice, says, “PornSTARS do not exist. There are just people who have done some porn.” Even though I think that guy is a genius, I don’t know if I agree with that. One look at Naomi Woods and you know she was just made to be a star in porn.

Actually, she’s one of those models that you can’t believe ever did hardcore porn! That’s how you know she’s special. Zach did say that Naomi would make it in virtually any entertainment avenue. I definitely agree with that. Dat ass is making me go gaga!

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Bailey Knox: Our Sexy Tape Zipset Hardcore Video

Breaking Update: August 5, 2017
This Bailey Knox sextape video was originally released on April 20, 2016, but it was only available for a limited time and only if you were a member of her site. Well, as of today, EVERYONE can download it on this new site, Premium Wins!

Bailey Knox Sextape Hardcore Video

Sweet, innocent Bailey Knox finally took that big leap from non nude “glamour” model to handjobs to full-on fucking!

This is her first ever hardcore video. It’s been rumored to exist, and it’s finally here! This very special zipset is beyond epic, so it is only available to her members to purchase. If you are not already a member, don’t worry — you just have to join her site first.

At nearly 35 minutes of Bailey Knox having sex all the way to a facial (sorry for the spoiler), it’s a dream come true. Yes, the cock is real and not pixelated in the full HD video! I know you guys need to see that for authenticity purposes. I vouch that Bailey does indeed fuck a real dick in this zipset! #nodildo

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Meet Madden: Insane Video

Madden dancing around in her panties in bed will drive you insane with desires for her tight tanned ass.

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Nikki Sims: Webcam from 07/31/17

Nikki Sims whipped down her lingerie top to flash her members live on webcam!

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Meet Madden: Say Video

Madden nips out in pink lingerie while playing with handcuffs in bed.

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Meet Madden: Pink Handcuffs

Madden is shackled with pink handcuffs while wearing matching sheer lingerie.

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Meet Madden: Epiphany Video

I think the epiphany Madden had for this video was to stop shooting vertically. Back to good old horizontal. It’s traditional!

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Ashlee Nova: Premium Wins Stockings Video

Ashlee Nova: Premium Wins Stockings Video Ashlee Nova returns after a two and a half year hiatus to be the launch model of a revolutionary new multi-model content site, Premium Wins!

If you ever wanted to get exclusive content of hot new models without having to pay for a monthly membership, today is your lucky date!

Ashlee Nova gives us some real win here with an 11-minute nude video and 61 photos of her peeling off her stockings and lingerie.

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Zishy: Jocelyn Kelly and an Aries Noodle

One of my favorite things about Zishy are the little stories Zach Venice includes with his models. After reading this title, I wanted to read about what an “Aries Noodle” was and what it had to do with brunette cutie, Jocelyn Kelly, getting nude in bed.

I got to know some things about Jocelyn: she doesn’t eat gluten, and she is kind but also kind of difficult. Zach attributed this to her Aries zodiac sign. Though, he made it very clear he, “doesn’t believe in that shit.”

However, nothing about what the fuck is an Aries Noodle! So, I looked it up, and it is…an Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam. Dammit!

In any case, Jocelyn Kelly looks great in this gallery. She is wearing sheer lingerie that shows everything when she spreads her legs and thrust her hips forward. Those pics are all in the full gallery. She also has great perky tits, of which you get to see plenty.

Jocelyn really knows how to pose her petite body and I can kind of see from the looks in her face that her smiles are emotionally expensive. Though, still don’t know about what an Aries noodle is, except that it is her astrological sign and now I want to tug on my noodle quite a bit!

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Brooke Marks: 06/22/17 Camshow: Back from Japan Video

Brooke Marks is back from her trip to Japan, and she brought back her invisible chair for her live webcam show. I love when she hovers over it in a thong!

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