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Nikki Sims: Play With Me Video

When Nikki Sims wants you to play with her, you put the fucking video game controller down and let her ride you. It’s what you do. If you want to save 15% or more on car insurance, you switch to GEICO. It’s what you do.

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Bailey Knox, Carlotta Champagne & Misty Gates: Double Dance for Carlotta

Back in 2013, I posted a video of Bailey Knox and Misty Gates giving their naturally busty buddy, Carlotta Champagne, sexy nude lapdances. I swore I had also posted a photo gallery that was shot the same day, but I couldn’t find it through any searches. Mandela Effect?

In any case, the lost lapdance photos have finally surfaced!

Also, later that same night, when Carlotta was away, Misty and Bailey played!

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Nikki Sims: Lap Dance Video

Grab a front row seat to Grind Town, and experience what it would be like to get a sexy topless lap dance from Nikki Sims!

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Saddest Lapdance Ever

Well, Ben Affleck is no longer the saddest guy on the internet. A chubby wife tries to give her husband a sexy lapdance, but he is not impressed. She says that she’s going to dance to the Lana Del Ray song Lucky Ones because “they are the lucky ones,” his face, however, tells a different story. A very sad story…

The YouTube comments are gold, too!

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Bailey Knox: Making Boys Hard Video

Bailey Knox knows how to make boys hard. Watch her drive this poor (or very lucky) guy crazy till he holds her down and makes her cum! This video is one of her hottest, yet!

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Bailey Knox: Casting Couch Lapdance Video

Bailey Knox gets a crash course in the art of the lapdance.

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Meet Madden: On Top Video

Madden gets on top of some lucky fella and grinds her tight ass into his crotch.

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Nikki Sims: Grind Video

When Nikki Sims puts her iPhone down you better watch out — no, she didn’t lose in Candy Crush — it’s grinding time! Experience her strip topless from your POV then grind down on you; right on your boner! How long you could you last? Longer than Luke Perry’s movie career after he starred in the movie 8 Seconds?

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Kate Winn: Private Lapdance Zipset Video

Naturally busty blonde, Kate Winn, gives one lucky fan a sexy nude lapdance in her newest zipset! This video, shot in first person point-of-view with a GoPro camera, puts you right in the action of Kate’s grabbing and grinding! Clocking in at just over 7-minutes, see if you can outlast the two songs worth of Kate Winn’s tight ass rubbing on your cock and her big boobs smothering your face! I call it the “Kate Winn Challenge” and I nominate you!
kate-winn-private-lapdance-zipset-video01 kate-winn-private-lapdance-zipset-video02

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Bailey Knox: Lapdance Training

Bailey Knox practices her sweet lapdance moves…then gets groped.

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