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Spencer Nicks: Pizza Ninja Premium Wins Video

Once Halloween was over, Spencer Nicks stripped nude out of her Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cosplay and traded Turtle Power for Hitachi Power!

This brand new 12-minute Premium Wins video is filled with loads of nip slips and pussy slips, and is the first time Spencer Nicks masturbates with a Hitachi! Trick-or-treat, motherfuckers!

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Bailey Knox: Musical Striptease Torture Premium Wins

Back in October, Bailey Knox released a video and gallery of her getting tortured with a hitachi vibrator pressed to her pussy by a man in a giant Panda mask. It was one of the hottest updates of 2017!

Well, if you wanted to download it without joining her site, you now can by clicking the download link below! You get the full 16 minute video and 32 picture gallery together for one lower price!

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Bailey Knox: Musical Striptease Torture Video

Bailey Knox plays a sexy game of Musical Striptease, which is a lot like Musical Chairs but with nudity. She is then joined by DJ Panda for a little forces orgasm torture with a hitachi!

You can now download this video without the membership fee, click here!

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Bailey Knox: Musical Striptease Show

Bailey Knox does a striptease where she ends up nude with a Hitachi.

Click here to download this gallery without the membership fee!

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Bailey Knox: The Hypnatchi – Halloween 2015 Zipset Video

Update: October 13, 2017
In honor of Friday the 13th being in October this year, and syncing up with the same month as Halloween, the special Bailey Knox Hypnatchi Halloween video is being re-released on Premium Wins! This video was only a available for a short time back in 2015, and only if you were a member of Bailey’s website. If you missed it, you really missed out! It’s an epic video that even features a cameo by Brooke Marks…I mean, Cam Ghost!
Bailey Knox: The Hypnatchi - Halloween 2015 Zipset Video

It’s Halloween, and, as promised, we finally get to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Hypnatchi vibrator that Bailey Knox received in the mail from her “biggest fan”. Who sent it? What happened after Bailey pressed it against her pussy? Will Eduardo the Seal survive the night? Can you really see Bailey Knox nude if you pay $19.99 (*NEW Lower 2017 Price!) to purchase the video? All these questions will be answered…and more! Check out the EXTENDED trailer!

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Zishy: Blair Williams Healthy Activities

Blair Williams shows Zishy her yoga exercise routine, then her masturbation routine with her black Hitachi. Horny and flexible? I’m in love!

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Bailey Knox: The Car Wash Challenge Video

Bailey Knox and her webmaster, Malloy Panda, take on the Car Wash Challenge. They drive through various local carwash establishments to see if Bailey can get herself off with a Hitachi before the wash cycles finish. If you’ve seen any of her previous encounters with the ultimate vibrator, I’m pretty sure you know that Bailey is going to have an A1 Day!

I haven’t had this much fun watching someone go through a tunnel since Charlie took that boat ride with Willy Wonka!

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Bailey Knox: Trials of the Neckbeard

Here are some pictures the neckbeard shot of Bailey Knox during their “date” when she was bound to a wheelchair and being tortured with a Hitachi.

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Nikki Sims: Hi Walter Video

With all the controversy debunked, Nikki Sims pays homage to the abduction video, Hi Walter! I got a new gf today! which was posted to YouTube in 2009.

Her new video opens with Nikki bound and gagged in the trunk of a black Dodge Charger. She gets fondled and tased. Yes, tased! After a drive to her abductor’s lair, she is left on the floor still tied up, while being tased some more. But he’s not done with her, yet. He’s ready to torture her with the…hitachi!

Watch Nikki Sims struggle against the pleasure while being forced to orgasm at the hands of her dominate abductor.

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Bailey Knox: The Neckbeard Uncensored Video

The neckbeard strikes again! Back in the summer, Misty Gates fell prey to the King Weeaboo, himself. Though, I have to say she did deserve it! She stole his fucking Deception magnet! But poor Bailey Knox, she just became his victim looking for love.

Bailey shows up hoping to hookup with “A.J.”, a catfish she was talking to on a dating app. She fell for it big time. She even sent him nude selfies! Instead, all she finds is a blast of scopolamine to the face.

Sir Neckbeard, now calling himself T.G (The Gentleman), shackles the drugged Bailey Knox to a wheelchair with duct tape and squirts babyoil all over her tanned, toned body while revealing his dastardly plan. He proceeds to slide a Hitachi under her ass and right up against her pussy while quizzing her on the traits of a proper gentleman.

If she passes the test, he will show her how well he can pleasure M’lady. He tells her he can “make her pussy juice boil.” You’ll have to watch the full UNCENSORED video to find out what cums next!

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