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Nikki Sims: Talk Nerdy

Nikki Sims wants you to talk nerdy to her. Tread lightly, neckbeards.

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Nikki Sims: Nerd Trivia Video

Much to the delight of her whistling parakeet, Nikki Sims plays a game of Strip Nerd Trivia in her newest video.

After she fails to answer a question about the best selling game console of all-time, Nikki goes topless and the stakes get really high! She answers the original Nintendo Entertainment System, but it was actually the PlayStation 2. Nerd!

Digging Nikki in those glasses, for sure!

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Sexy Pattycake: Ghostgushers Limited Time Only Video

Ghostbusters (2016) was the movie you got that you didn’t want. Ghostgushers by Sexy Pattycake is the video you had no idea you wanted!

It’s really hard to even describe this new Limited Time Only video.

Pattycake is in the shower in her Janine Melnitz cosplay sucking on a ghost’s cock. Yes, a ghost cock!

From the green ectoplasm goo that squirts all over her face and boobs, let’s just assume she was blowing Slimer. He’s now the ghost with the most! Patty must’ve really enjoyed that BOOkkake, because she rips her shirt open and starts masturbating with the slime, giving herself an ectoorgasm!

Remember, she only keeps these videos up a week or so…better download now before it disappears!

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Sexy Pattycake: Stay Stuft

Well, if Gozer the Gozerian ever confronted Pattycake with “Choose the form of The Destructor,” you better be prepared to eat a lot of marshmallows!

Patty’s subtle cosplay of Janine Melnitz made me smile. As did the ecto colored sheer panties!

The Ghostbusters reboot comes out this week. Is anyone excited about it? No canon connection to the past films, the original cast only have non-character cameos, and they had Fallout Boy remake the theme. On the bright side, it got Hi-C Ecto Cooler back in stores! Well, Amazon, at least.

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Sexy Pattycake: Pinup Mechanic

You probably shouldn’t let Pinup Mechanic Pattycake change your oil, but she can definitely get your motor humming! What is she doing with that screwdriver?

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Meet Madden: Sexy Glasses Video

Madden does a sexy dance in her bra and panties while wearing glasses. I wish Lisa Loeb’s 1994 music video for her emo girl anthem Stay was more like this.

Lisa Loeb single-handedly (well, I guess my hand was involved, too) shaped the traits of my ideal woman during my teen years. This was long before our easy access to internet porn, but those dark-rimmed glasses still get me to this day.

Twelve years later, at 37 years old, Lisa Loeb actually did appear on TV in a thong for some reality show called #1 Single. A dream come true! She will always stay special in my spank bank. See what I did there? No, no, no? You only hear what you want to…

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Meet Madden: Immortal Lovers

Madden takes off her glasses and her shirt in bed.

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Stella XO: Sock Obsession Video

Stella Jane looks so cute in glasses. And, I guess she has a sock obsession? I have an obsession, too…with her butt. Dat ass!

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Stella XO: She Loves Socks

Stella Jane loves what? Cocks? Oh, socks. I am disappoint. She looks like a New Girl in her glasses, though!

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Hello Harley Rose: Your Favorite Teacher

Harley Rose will get you hot for teacher stripping nude in front of the class. Let her teach you her favorite way to 69…33+36, of course! Loved seeing her in those sexy glasses and super tight skirt.

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