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Kari Sweets: Green Outside Ultimate Collection Video

kari-sweets-green-outside-ultimate-collection-video Kari Sweets had her Green Outside video newly remastered for her Ultimate Collection today. She’s outside in green panties and topless under a completely unbuttoned shirt. It’s not long before she ends up bottomless, too; sliding those panties off, and giving you the slightest glimpses of her shaved pussy.

This video adds about 3-minutes of unseen footage, along with a huge bump in bitrate compression: going from 128kps to over 9000!

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Bailey Knox: Oh My Markers Zipset Video

Bailey Knox: Oh My Markers Zipset Video
Once upon a time, Bailey Knox was an 18-year-old girl just starting off as an internet model. When her site first opened, she didn’t even own any sex toys. She was still living at home with her parents, and didn’t want mom and dad to find them when they were snooping in her bedroom. So, during her early camshows, she had to improvise.

One of her most famous webcam experiments involved some Crayola markers and her tight little pussy. At the request of her fans, Bailey has decided to draw you a diagram of those legendary nights. Starting with her nipples and working her way down her nude body; she enjoys every marker of the color spectrum.

This NEW zip recaptures that nostalgia of Bailey Knox during her newbie booby days, while she looks hotter than ever masturbating with her favorite color! 12-Minutes of HD video and over 60 photos available now!

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Sexy Pattycake: Shower Cam Bonus: Shaving Limited Time Only Video

Pattycake released not one, but two new LTO videos this week! Both taking place in the shower, the second one actually shows her shaving! Check out this sexy gif, you can see how she keeps her pussy and legs so damn smooth.

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Kari Sweets: Natural Beauty Ultimate Collection Video

kari-sweets-natural-beauty-ultimate-collection-video Wow, there is a never-before-seen video of Kari Sweets! This discovery was hidden on a stack of archive tapes filmed while Kari was changing outfits between her Natural Beauty and Park Faucet galleries. The latter of which is when she soaked herself at a water fountain.

She shows off her thong before getting into a blue tent to change. This is a peepshow like you’ve never seen from Kari Sweets. Teasing and being as cute as can be, she gets encouraged by the photographer [Felix] to press up against the side of the tent while she gets undressed. And, she does it…nude!

This is a very rare Kari Sweets video! Download it today!

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Brooke Marks: Can Katy Perry’s Boobs Cure Cancer Video

Brooke Marks talks about Katy Perry’s boobs in her hilarious new YouTube video. Not sure of their medicinal purposes, but those phenomenal tits can shoot fireworks and give Elmo a boner. They also can get Brooke topless herself. Now, that is a miracle! Maybe they really could cure cancer.

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Nikki Sims: For My Feet Fans Video

Nikki Sims lotions up her fantastic feet for her foot fetish fans. Alliteration, fuckers! This is the first of three videos posted today giving a tour of her favorite body parts.

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Kari Sweets: Delicious Ultimate Collection Video

kari-sweets-delicious-ultimate-collection-video Everyone knows that Kari Sweets has a delicious booty, but you never really get to see it up close and personal in HD video! The latest re-release in her Ultimate Collection features Kari shaking her juicy round ass in a tight pair of panties that wedges up just the right amount between her sweet cheeks. Adding over twice the running time (from 2:50 to 5+ minutes) of never-before-seen footage, and going from SD to HD to almost double the resolution, this selfie video captures Kari during her most bootyliciousness!

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Sexy Pattycake: Shower Cam Limited Time Only Video

Pattycake hops in the shower again for her newest Limited Time Only video! I could watch her wash dat ass all day long.

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Kari Sweets: Papasan Fun Ultimate Collection Video

kari-sweets-papasan-fun-ultimate-collection-video Here are some screen caps from the new Kari Sweets Ultimate Collection re-release Papasan Fun video. What’s a “papasan”, you ask? Well, it’s not a sex toy, unfortunately. It’s that cushion chair she is sitting on.

This newly uncensored video is like a tour of Kari Sweets’ tight petite body. In the original release there were specific cuts made where Kari is playing with her panties, teasing with angles to obscure the view of her pussy. Well, this time we get to see the video uncut and cleaned up so you can finally see what you were not allowed to see when this video was first posted on her site!

Lots of sweet shots of her cute feet, too, for those foot fetish guys out there!

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Sexy Pattycake: Monkey Business II Limited Time Only Video

Pattycake goes ape all over her banana dildo in her new Limited Time Only video! I know a monkey that needs to be spanked right now!

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