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Cosmid: Hannah Moore: Hannah’s First Set

Hannah Moore is a fiery redhead who set Cosmid on fire in her debut! They knew she was special, so they posted her debut video on the same day! Miss Moore is pure sex appeal from her ginger hair to her full lips, perfect pink nipples, big round ass, and cute feet. I’m pretty sure my buddy David Moser shot this. Lucky!

Hannah kinda looks like like Gillian Anderson from the X-Files. There is a weird phenomenon that I’ve realized about Gillian. She is quite a beautiful woman, sure, but it’s hard for me to see her as “sexy”. For example, here’s Gillian Anderson giving a blowjob. Just doesn’t seem right! However, girls who look like her, even just a little bit, drive me wild!

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Janet Gray: Janet on the Bed Video

Wow, it’s been almost a whole year since we’ve had any Cosmid here on NIPS!

They just hired a new affiliate manager named Wendy — who is very nice — so I was finally able to get some new content from them to post. They are still updating every single day like clockwork, which is amazing in this day and age. So, will give me more updates, as well! Win, win, win…we all win!

Janet Gray is 25-year-old musician from Michigan. She is quite the seductress with her dark hair and sexy eyes. She’s quickly becoming one of the model popular girls on Cosmid, and after seeing her squirt baby oil al over her perfect natural boobs, you will see why!

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FTV Girls: Jody: Many More Pleasures Video

Here is another new video of this cute leggy blonde Jody from FTV Girls. As she shakes her ass and twerks in sexy thong lingerie, let’s get some insights into Jody’s goals and dreams.

i have goals and dreams and that is to join the military and become a CID for the military. A CID is a criminal investigation command so once i make my step towards that and join ill do 4 years in there or more and after ill go to college for an FBI I either wanna be a ditective or a profiler those are my goals and dreams so this is me trying to get to my goal and my dream job instead of just sitting around and being lazy im gonna get up and actually do something to get to where i wanna be. – Jody from FTV Girls

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Meet Madden: Butt Video

Madden balances on a log in a thong showing off her sexy athletic legs and butt.

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Brooke Marks: Sleep Creep Premium Wins Video

Brooke Marks just released a new Premium Wins video! After a long photoshoot, Brooke needs a nap. She asks the photographer if she can crank up the A/C, then she slips into bed wearing a thong and cotton lingerie. Once she hits her deep sleep cycle, her mischievous photographer starts messing with the thermostat.

As the temperature goes up, Brooke Marks starts shedding her clothes. She ends up napping in the nude!

This is a hot 14-minute video filled some great pussy and nip slips. There are also great views of Brooke’s pretty feet if you’re into that! Watching this cute blonde flail around in bed is a surprising treat. I think we are discovering the creation of a fun new fetish category with this Sleep Creep video!

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Neesy Rizzo: A Day at the Beach

Neesy Rizzo spent a day at the beach trying on a few sexy thong bikinis. Those tanlines on her tight body will drive you wild!

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FTV Girls: Jody: Very Strong Orgasms Video

Jody is cute leggy blonde just trying to get nude in public for FTV Girls when a creeper appears! Is that Konnan from World Championship Wrestling? That look on her face when he won’t go away is priceless!

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Zishy: Kayla Linchek Rolls To Dockweiler 2

Kayla Linchek flashed her big boobs at Dockweiler Beach then snuck onto a lifeguard stand to pull her bikini bottoms up into some extreme camel toe.

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Zishy: Kayla Linchek Rolls To Dockweiler

Busty blonde Kayla Linchek returns to Zishy! This time she’s showing her boobs next to a classic Camaro. Look at dem headlights! More tomorrow…

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Nikki Sims: Wet Video

Nikki Sims squirts down her feet with baby oil while dancing above you on clear plexiglass. Great worms-eye-view of her slippery soles and dripping wet thong camel toe! If you got a foot fetish, this video is for you!

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