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Neesy Rizzo: Pink Barbell

Neesy Rizzo loves working out, but she loves showing off the results even more! You better strap on your Fitbit, once she peels those tight pink yoga pants down to show off her firm athletic ass, your heart rate is going to be over 9000!

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Zishy: Helene Trobec Be Sexy Or Not

Helene Trobec returns to Zishy wearing a shirt that says “Be Sexy”. That’s definitely a better tagline than whatever the fuck Nike is pushing these days…and without the sweatshops, too. With her perfect boobs and phat ass, I’m not sure how Helene Trobec can be anything but sexy! This curvy redhead is definitely one of my new favorites!

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Cosmid: Hannah Moore: Hannah’s First Video

I’m not sure stripping off your yoga pants and masturbating nude on the floor is the best way to cool down after a kettle bell workout. P90Sex? But, I’m not going to tell Hannah Moore that. Actually, maybe this curvy ginger might be onto something, because I want to go “workout” right now after watching her debut video! Check out Hannah Moore’s debut gallery, too!

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Cosmid: Hannah Moore: Hannah’s First Set

Hannah Moore is a fiery redhead who set Cosmid on fire in her debut! They knew she was special, so they posted her debut video on the same day! Miss Moore is pure sex appeal from her ginger hair to her full lips, perfect pink nipples, big round ass, and cute feet. I’m pretty sure my buddy David Moser shot this. Lucky!

Hannah kinda looks like like Gillian Anderson from the X-Files. There is a weird phenomenon that I’ve realized about Gillian. She is quite a beautiful woman, sure, but it’s hard for me to see her as “sexy”. For example, here’s Gillian Anderson giving a blowjob. Just doesn’t seem right! However, girls who look like her, even just a little bit, drive me wild!

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FTV Girls: Jayde: Her Sensual Side Video

I have a thing for busty, blue-eyed, brunettes. This newcomer to FTV Girls named Jayde satisfies all three of my B’s! Check her out jogging topless and bending over on a sunny day.

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Zishy: Jasmine Simco Nice Amenities

Jasmine Simco heads to the gym in high-heeled boots and a short dress that reveals her thong and amazing ass every time she bends over.

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Sexy Pattycake: Candid Workout Video

Pattycake is back to blonde and already working on her summertime beach body! I can’t wait to see what kind of trouble she gets into this year!

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Zishy: Dannell and Kim Training Buds

We last saw this sexy athletic blonde, Dannell Norfolk, flashing her nips for Zishy back in December, but this time she’s ready to hit the gym with her hot brunette training bud, Kim Solari! I think these girls like each other a little more than they are letting on, but pulling out tits during dumbbell flys is not good gym etiquette!

I love fit girls, though! The legendary Cori Nadine was the first web model that hooked me during those early Web 1.0 days, and started me on this journey into never leaving the house or having a life in my 40s. You can even follow Cori Nadine on Instagram these days!

Maybe, in two decades, some of you will be stalking following Dannell Norfolk and Kim Solari on whatever version of the Internet President Zuckerberg allows us. But, for now, you can see both of these athletic babes nude at the gym on Zishy below!

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FTV Girls: Natalie: Fit, Sexy & Sensual Video

Take a trip to the gym with this sexy bubble butt Natalie! She earns that round rump with squats then gives us a nude peek in the women’s changing room.

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Nikki Sims: Yoga Ball

Nikki Sims shows some new exercises you can try out on a yoga ball. Don’t know why she had to be nude to do them, but I wouldn’t recommend trying them out at your gym.

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