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Zishy: Gillian Barnes Girls are Rad

Gillian Barnes has the most popular gallery ever on Zishy. That’s right…ever! It is pretty obvious why. This girl is perfect: big full natural boobs, wild curly dark hair, those gorgeous light green eyes, just adorable in every way! Not even mentioning that inviting smile! Well, I guess I just did mention it?

Zach Venice says Gillian is one of the most special models that he has ever photographed, so it was paramount that he brought her back!

Miss Barnes starts this gallery with her tits spilling out of a tight low-cut “Rad” tank top. She winds up in bed in a sheer mesh bra and matching panties before getting completely nude in the shower by the end. Wow, Gillian Barnes might just be the ultimate girl next door tease!

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Zishy: Aurora Zvezda Shops Recycled

Zach Venice took the very adorable Aurora Zvezda out to the Buffalo Exchange in Santa Monica for some shopping and public flashing for Zishy. She was wearing a sheer white sweater with no bra and tight red yoga pants, but Venice bought her a short skirt there to wear over to a Walgreens drug store.

I guess he “forgot” to also get her some panties because she is going completely commando! Aurora even bends down pantyless with her bare ass exposed right next to an employee stocking shelves!

They then headed back to Miss Zvezda’s apartment so she could indulge in some bottomless marijuana and ice cream.

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Meet Madden: Sunbathing

Here’s Madden sunbathing nude in her backyard. No tanlines on this fit cutie!

She’s using baby oil for tanning all over her tight athletic body, but the best oil to ever use for anything ever is coconut oil!

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Zishy: Jocelyn Kelly and an Aries Noodle

One of my favorite things about Zishy are the little stories Zach Venice includes with his models. After reading this title, I wanted to read about what an “Aries Noodle” was and what it had to do with brunette cutie, Jocelyn Kelly, getting nude in bed.

I got to know some things about Jocelyn: she doesn’t eat gluten, and she is kind but also kind of difficult. Zach attributed this to her Aries zodiac sign. Though, he made it very clear he, “doesn’t believe in that shit.”

However, nothing about what the fuck is an Aries Noodle! So, I looked it up, and it is…an Indonesian restaurant in Amsterdam. Dammit!

In any case, Jocelyn Kelly looks great in this gallery. She is wearing sheer lingerie that shows everything when she spreads her legs and thrust her hips forward. Those pics are all in the full gallery. She also has great perky tits, of which you get to see plenty.

Jocelyn really knows how to pose her petite body and I can kind of see from the looks in her face that her smiles are emotionally expensive. Though, still don’t know about what an Aries noodle is, except that it is her astrological sign and now I want to tug on my noodle quite a bit!

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Sexy Pattycake: Eskimo GoGo Extended Cut

Pattycake added some sexy new pics to her Eskimo Gogo gallery that was originally posted in February 2015. She was holding out on a lot of nip slips, but I’m glad she finally released these photos. Now, we can release to them!

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Brooke Marks: 06/22/17 Camshow: Back from Japan Video

Brooke Marks is back from her trip to Japan, and she brought back her invisible chair for her live webcam show. I love when she hovers over it in a thong!

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Brooke Marks: Sheer When Worn Video

Brooke Marks released a hot new video wearing the same sexy bra and panties that she wore in her Sheer When Worn gallery.

This might be the most nip slips that we’ve seen from her other than the zipset videos. I still can’t believe Brooke did that Blowjob Skills zipset a few years back of her sucking on a big dildo! Classic!

But, besides those, this new one has nips galore! In just this 90 second promo you can see how many there were, and the whole UNCENSORED video is almost 4 times as long and in full HD!

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Lex Nai: Lex Braves an LA Alley

Though it came out 30 years ago (damn, I’m old), Welcome to the Jungle from Guns N’ Roses is still the quintessential anthem of the seedy Los Angeles underground. So, give it up to Lex Nai for posing in basically a thong leotard out in an LA alley. She is pretty brave!

Miss Nai ends up peeling that off as soon as she gets back to her apartment, so you get to see all of her sexy curves. Welcum to the Jungle, baby! Feel my…my…my serpentine!

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Meet Madden: Train Tracks

Madden topless out on some train tracks. I choo choo choose her!

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Bailey Knox & Misty Gates: Hottub Jet to Orgasm Video

Bailey Knox slides into a hottub wearing a sheer bikini and ready to cum. She sits down in front of the forceful jets letting the water blast against her pussy till she orgasms.

After Bailey has her fun, Misty Gates hops in totally nude and enjoys herself, as well! You get to see both these girls cum in this one video!

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