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Cosmid: Sophie Barnes: Bikini Video

Sophie Barnes debuted on Cosmid a whole year ago, but this is definitely her best video, yet! This voluptuous vixen pops off her bikini top — literally — then proceeds to get nude poolside. Cosmid doesn’t always bother to shoot the girls at flattering angles, but, even despite that, when Sophie Barnes gets to shaking her phat ass in that lounge chair, you will be mesmerized!

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Bailey Knox: Polka Ditz Video

Bailey Knox twerks like a pro in sexy polka dot lingerie in her new video. Shake dat ass, girl!

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Zishy: Peach Kennedy Welcome To Bananas

Cute pigtailed PAWG Peach Kennedy adorbs it up near LAX.

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Sexy Pattycake: Sexy Psylocke I Video

I still haven’t seen X-Men: Apocalypse, and honestly probably never will. The idea of Oliva Munn as Psylocke is fine, and all, but after seeing Pattycake cosplay as the purple-haired mutant, Betsy Braddock, in her SeXy Psylocke premium video back in 2016, I don’t think anyone could ever top that performance. Sorry Munn!

So, if you’ve been sending telepathic waves across cyberspace trying to get more Marvel super-hero cosplay from Pattycake, it must’ve worked! She dons the Sexy Psylocke tights once again in her new video!

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Zishy: Helene Trobec Be Sexy Or Not

Helene Trobec returns to Zishy wearing a shirt that says “Be Sexy”. That’s definitely a better tagline than whatever the fuck Nike is pushing these days…and without the sweatshops, too. With her perfect boobs and phat ass, I’m not sure how Helene Trobec can be anything but sexy! This curvy redhead is definitely one of my new favorites!

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Zishy: Presley Callen Might Be Giant

Presley Callen is a fan of Hunter Pence of the San Francisco Giants, unless she’s dropping subliminal hints at being a fan of another Pence…

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Zishy: Ellen Kennedy Life Of The Party

Ellen Kennedy is back on Zishy! This time, she’s eating strawberries, getting nude in the woods, then ending up in bed in sexy lingerie. This girl is gorgeous!

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Meet Madden: Backpacking

Madden takes a break from backpacking through the woods to have her own private wet t-shirt contest by a lake.

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Zishy: Wanda Ablee Sweet Baby Jesus

Adorable ginger Wanda Ablee tries on some sexy sheer lingerie.

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Bailey Knox: Lap Dance Training

Bailey Knox trains in the art of the lap dance with her grinding guru, Malloy Panda! This gallery was just released, but there was a related video from 2015, as well, entitled Casting Couch Lapdance.

If you’d like to get them both without the membership click here! Otherwise download from her site below!

Will the student cum become the masterbater? Find out now!

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