Lex Nai: Juicy Melon in Motion Video

Busty Lex Nai is so happy to be sucking down a juicy piece of fresh watermelon on a hot day that she does the melon dance: shaking her big boobs in a bikini. However, it is her big full naturally juicy melons, sticky and bouncing in motion, that will leave you feeling so thirsty after watching this sexy video!

That watermelon may be organic, but Lex Nai’s boobs are orgasmic!

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Sexy Pattycake: Wonder Workout I

Pattycake begins her Wonder Woman workout by jumping rope and bouncing her big ass jogging on the treadmill. She must increase that butt!

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Kari Sweets: Sprinkler Ultimate Collection

Back on May 31, we posted about the release of the Kari Sweets Sprinkler video into her Ultimate Collection. Here is the companion gallery of her getting wet under the sprinkler in the same cute purple bikini shot later that day.

40 brand new unreleased pics were added to the original 88!

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Nikki Sims: Glass Oil Video

Nikki Sims put ’em on the glass in her newest video. She oils up her big boobs before squirting some all over the glass table to make things extra slick. Then Nikki presses her tits down, moving them up and down across the clear tabletop. She even does this topless in the full video! Wow!

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Meet Madden: Ready For Love Video

Madden is ready for some love while she dances around in her bra and panties. Are you going to give it to her?

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Nikki Sims: Webcam from 06/05/17

Nikki Sims got her thin white wifebeater t-shirt soaked with baby oil during this week’s live camshow. Nips!

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Bailey Knox, Misty Gates & Carlotta Champagne: Naked Twister Painting

Bailey Knox, joins Misty Gates and busty Carlotta Champagne for a naughty game of Naked Twister!

Unable to declare a winner after the clean first round, the colored circles were covered with paint to make everything a bit messy for round two. Who is the winner once the girls have paint all over their nude bodies? You! A winner is you!

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Meet Madden: Leopard

Madden looking sexy in some leopard print lingerie.

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Nikki Sims: Polo

Busty Nikki Sims trades in her white polo shirt for a handbra.

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Alisa Kiss: Blue Latex Dildo Video

I’m not sure if this is the first time that Alisa Kiss had a dildo in her video, but it is definitely the first time that she had one in her in a video!

This video started out as her standard fare, just dancing sexy in a tight blue latex dress. Then she pulled a big curved vibrating dildo out of nowhere. It’s even blue to match her dress! That’s Alisa’s cosplay background coming through for sure!

She sucked on it a bit at first, getting so turned on that she laid on her back and fucked herself till she had a huge body shaking orgasm! She has masturbated with her fingers on video a couple of times in the past, but this is a huge jump in sexuality for Alisa Kiss! I hope it’s a sign of more things to cum!

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