Bailey Knox: Webcam from 05/01/13

Bailey Knox getting all kinds of frisky with a giant vibrator on her webcam.

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Piper Bauer: On The Bed

Piper Bauer nude in bed. This girl is way too fucking much! Seriously. From that pretty face down to her cute feet. She’s a total natural in front of the camera. Somehow, she also has a thick round ass behind that petite frame, too. Always a nice surprise.

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xo Gisele: Naughty Texan

Gisele sucking on a big…thick…popsicle! I’m surprised it didn’t melt all over her big tits as she engulfed the frozen treat between her massive cleavage.

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Bailey Knox: Trapped and Tied

Bailey is trapped in the closet, bound by her wrists. Using her teeth, she works her arms free to escape her bondage and eventually what little clothes she’s wearing. Considering some of her past zipsets, perhaps this gallery is some kind of sexy metaphor?

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Spencer Nicks: Walking and Flashing

Spencer Nicks is taking a merry stroll through the forest while flashing her big full boobs to all the woodland creatures. The wood chucks chucked their wood while the beavers got all wet. Dam.

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Piper Bauer: Harlem Shake Video

Piper Bauer — wearing one of the shortest skirts ever — does her rendition of the Harlem Shake! First nude version of those dance videos I have seen.

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Meet Madden: Bubbly Tub Video

Madden playing naked in the tub during her bubble bath. Very cute how she tries to cover her hard nipples with just the right amount of bubbles; her perky tis too small to create enough traction that they just keep slipping off as she dances around in the water.

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Best NIPS of April 2013

So, we close our launch month with this new feature for those who either don’t visit here every day (shame on you!) and those who like to reminisce in the sexiness of!

Here are the five best posts of the month for April 2013

01 Piper Bauer opens her site and takes the internet by storm. Barefoot and in booty shorts, she’s looking for a study buddy, and willing to get naked for her tutor.

02 Tiffany from Cosmid shows off her amazing cuves in a fishnet dress and thong.

03 Spencer Nick released a new zipset using various food items as nipple pasties. But this hypnotizing gif might be all you can handle!

04 Nikki Sims had her photographer drip hot candle wax all over her big tits and silky smooth pussy while she drives a vibrator between her lips like an auger just about to strike oil. One of her best videos ever!

05 Pattycake tries to make you laugh your pants off instead of teasing them off, for once. This video doesn’t feature any nudity, or masurbating with a giant dildo. It’s just a cute blonde girl telling an ironic joke about blonde girls. I loved getting to see this very real side of Patty as she included outtakes at the end. The best part is she also posted it free on her blog!

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Wendy Fiore: In Chains

Wendy Fiore has an idea how she can give her bra more support. But, I don’t think even those steel chains can keep her curves under control.

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Nikki Sims: Webcam from 04/29/13

Nikki Sims was nipping out of her fishnet top on her webcam last night. Remember, all of Nikki’s camshow videos are free when you join her site!

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