Meet Madden: Wake Up Video

Madden spent the night teasing the hell out her friend, then went to sleep nude. I mean she is a tease, right? Well, her friend’s had enough! He sneaks into her room as she’s sound asleep, and pulls the covers down off her naked body. His hands finally getting to explore what Madden has kept locked away for years! Massaging her boobs and nipples, up and down her ass and legs. All over! Madden, though, doesn’t seem to mind. She wakes up mid-grope, with a big smile on her face. Girls like initiative, apparently. Who knew?

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U Got It! Flaunt It!: Sammi: Set 2

Sammi is back on U Got It! Flaunt It! This gallery is even hotter than her first one. After stripping off her bikini top, she then fills a tight wet t-shirt with her amazing boobs and girl next door looks. She is lovely!

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Nikki Sims: Webcam from 05/06/13

Nikki Sims was testing the viscosity of her lotion last night on her webcam. Could her bouncing boobies defy the laws of physics, once again, as the moisturizer clung to her nipples? Or would we finally catch a break and see the promised land? Yeah science!

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Sexy Pattycake: Holy Guacamole

Pattycake found a use for all the leftover guacamole from her Cinco de Mayo fiesta. From the looks of how messy she gets, I think she must’ve finished all the tequila on her own. ¡Ay, caramba!

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Meet Madden: Red Dress

Madden is wearing a tight red dress with a neckline that plunges so far south that if she sits at certain angles you can tell she’s not wearing any panties! Or you could just look up her dress since it’s that short, too. Whatever works! Spoiler: She isn’t wearing any panties, I already looked… 🙂

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Natasha Belle: Beer Pong

Natasha Belle tries to cheat at beer pong by playing in her panties, and unbuttoning her shirt more and more. She’s totally attempting to distract you till her nipples are fully exposed. Is it working?

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Carlotta Champagne: College Bar, No Clothes

Carlotta Champagne strips nude at the local college bar to gain an advantage in the foosball tournament. She won, obviously.

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Nikki Sims: Artist

Nikki Sims uses her nips to paint some modern art. I love the set of aesthetic criteria that emerges. The medium enters in as a condition of the artform, itself. Ok, fine…I really just like her big boobs!

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Catie Minx: Flash Cosplay

Catie Minx cosplaying as vintage Flash. Everyone knows that the Flash’s superpower is to run really fast, but when Catie wears her Flash costume, she wants you to do something really fast. You know what that is? Anyone? Bueller? Ok, well what Miss Minx wants you to do really fast is join her site! Hurry! Flaaash, ah ha!

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Ivy Snow: Cozy Cabin

Ivy Snow gets cozy in her bra and panties down at her cabin.

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