U Got It! Flaunt It!: Sam

Sometimes you get a fit girl and her boobs shrank from the fat loss by working out, or, even worse, they get subsequently inflated with silicone and the nipples end up looking like Marty Feldman’s eyes. But you do get flat sexy abs. Or you go the other route with curvy girls, and you get nice big full boobs and a juicy phat ass, but generally a bit of chubb around the stomach. This girl Sam, though, is like the best of both worlds! Perky natural breasts, tight toned tummy, with nice curves in her hips, and dat ass! Dat ass, dat ass, dat ass!

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Nikki Sims: Slinky Black Dress Video

Nikki Sims shows off her nipples in what she calls a slinky black dress. I disagree with the word “slinky”, though. There’s not enough dress to be slinky…this is barely even a dress! It’s basically see-thru mesh which barely covers anything and gives you some of the clearest views of her boobies ever! There’s even some full on nip slips that could be viewed as topless! Nice!

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xo Gisele: Bed Head Video

Gisele is in bed, but unfortunately not giving any head, as I thought maybe the title implied. She does, however, show off her amazingly sexy body and that’s always good enough for me! It’s “the tits”, as the kids say these days!

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Sexy Pattycake: On Top I Video

A newly brunette Pattycake simulates for you what it would be like to have her on top rocking your cock! This could actually be her first hardcore video, as she pulls her sheer dress up and rides the fuck out what appears to be a man in her bed. Her moans of pleasure getting more and more intense as she gets closer and closer…can you hold out? Can’t wait for the sequel!

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Hailey Leigh: Sun Hat

Hailey Leigh protects her cute freckled face from sun damage with an oversized hat! Not sure how much protection if gives her once she’s completely nude, though! SPF, SPF!

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Meet Madden: Blue On Black Video

Madden nips out of a tight mesh shirt.

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Nikki Sims: Webcam from 07/22/13

Nikki Sims plays with herself on her bed for her members on webcam. That electrical tape on her nipples is going to hurt like a bitch when she peels it off! Being a tease can be a dangerous job!

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Carlotta Champagne: GoPro Slow Motion Shaking Video

Carlotta Champagne has a pair of the most perfect natural breasts ever! The way they move and bounce defy the laws of gravity and even string theory. They are a genetic masterpiece and need to be studied for future generations. Here, a group of “scientists” use a special high-speed camera to capture the motion of her big boobs under direct vibration of a massage chair at 240 FPS (frames per second). The original video on YouTube has already gone viral, producing an astounding 20,000 views in just a couple of days. But now there’s a completely topless video on her site you can download!!! Yeah science!

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Natasha Belle: Pink Shirt on Bed Video

Here’s something I’ve never been able to post before…a video from Natasha Belle! This cutie is laying in bed pulling up her pink jersey to show off her perky boobs and hard nipples. Her shorts slide down her ass as she writhes her sexy body around. She’s one of the most naturally beautiful girls I post on this site, and this video really shows just how natural. No photoshop!

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Bryci: Goldie

Bryci is a golden girl in a golden dress. Actually, maybe that’s a bad description. I don’t want to put thoughts of any of The Golden Girls in your head while you look at these pics. Though, I do remember thinking Blanche was pretty hot when I was growing up. Oh, Blanche! And, Betty White is still rocking out…and might’ve even appeared nude on NIPS had the internet been around when she was a young lady. So yeah, Bryci is certainly carrying that Goldie sexiness into a new decade!

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