Hailey Leigh: Lying Poolside

Hailey Leigh lounges naked by her pool. For whatever reason — maybe it is the red hair, or just the fact that I’ve been up all night driving to the ATL to attend Dragoncon 2013 — but Hailey reminds me a bit of Jenny Lewis (from the indie rock group Rilo Kiley) in this gallery. Some of you may, instead, remember her as the spunky rebel girl with street-smarts who helped Fred Savage’s autistic brother beat that jerk Lucas on Super Mario Bros. 3 in the Nintendo product placement extravaganza known as The Wizard! But her band isn’t bad either. And Hailey looks as sexy as ever, of course!

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Sexy Pattycake: Tiny Hearts Bikini

Pattycake reminds us that it’s still summer, and uses an underwater camera to capture her swim in a tiny hearts bikini. The force of the water leaving her topless and bottomless by the end; her nipples and thick blush wet and exposed. I guess you could forget it is summer when you have her moon blocking out the sun. Total eclipse by the PAWG!

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Piper Bauer: Comfy on the Bed

Piper Bauer gets comfy (and naked) on her bed. She must’ve been pretty tuckered out by the end of the shoot, because it looks like she fell asleep with her phat ass up in the air in that last pic.

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Nikki Sims: Just A Scarf Video

Magicians usually do a trick making a scarf appear by pulling it from their sleeve. In this video, Nikki Sims uses a scarf to actually try to make her nipples disappear. This is one time, though, where the hand is certainly not quicker than the eye! Abracada…boobs!

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Meet Madden: Pillows

Madden jumps onto a pillow covered bed, playfully stripping off her lime green bikini. Her nipples so hard that she can’t even hide them under her bikini strings, as she futilely tries. I love that overhead shot with Madden bent over nude on the bed. That tight, round heart-shaped ass of hers up in the air. Hot!

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xo Gisele: Perfect View Video

Gisele slides off her bra and panties and bends over to give you a perfect view of her smooth pussy. I guess the view off the balcony is pretty nice too?

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Meet Madden: Silver Bikini Video

Madden rocks out in her skimpy silver thong bikini for her newest video.

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Bailey Knox: Fan’s Favorite Shirt

Being a popular web model, Bailey Knox has fans from all over the world. Even Seattle, apparently. I’m not even sure what goes on over there. Does Shawn Kemp still play for the Supersonics? Anyways, some Seattleite sent her his favorite Seahawks jersey, and she looks so good in it, I might actually find myself rooting for them…if I’m ever in a Starbucks watching a football game…which will be never!

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Cosmid: Bex: Tight Grey Top

Busty Bex slips down into a bath. Her nipples peeking through a tight grey top as the water runs down that massive chest. She can barely hold her big boobs in her hands as she peels the wet shirt from her curvy body. Love this girl!

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Brooke Marks: Webcam from 08/19/13

Brooke Marks likes to try on panties for her members live on webcam. I just don’t think they expected her to be trying them out on her head! She’s wearing a sexy sheer bra, too…though not on her head.

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