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Misty Gates: Slave of The Neckbeard Video

Misty Gates really loves the A&E show, Hoarders. I mean, it’s fascinating to watch people not want to throw away old cereal boxes. However, her decision to work with Hoarders Inc. to clean up the apartment of a local hoarder goes terribly wrong. Never take jobs off Craigslist, girls. Unless it’s “modeling” for NIPS, of course! Then it’s ok.

Always a good sport, Misty shows up in a cute Boba Fett apron and cheerfully takes on the orders of her demanding neckbeard boss. But, when his Decepticon magnet goes missing, things start to get really weird! Misty pleads with him to calm down as she helps him search, but he starts to rage, and takes poor Misty captive with a Hyrulean Master Sword!

Things don’t look good for Misty Gates when the strip search starts…you’ll have to download the UNCENSORED video to find out what happens next!

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Misty Gates: Princess Leia Orgasma Solo

May 4th is a special day in Star Wars fandom. “May the Fourth be with you.” Get it? Misty Gates plays her geek card well with her Princess Leia Organa Orgasma Solo cosplay. Check out dat ass, you scruffy-looking Nerf herders!

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Misty Gates: The Anal Zip Twitter Controversy

A battle is raging on Twitter, triggered by the latest release from Epic Zips starring Misty Gates, appropriately titled The Anal Zip. In one corner a defiant webmodel and her loyal fans; in the other, an anthropomorphic seal with more hang ups about human sexuality than one might assume.

Misty Gates, a camgirl who is becoming increasingly well-known for her remarkably round ass, chose a zipset as the vehicle to do her first ever anal toy scene. Not everyone was thrilled at the news.


Today Ms. Gates unexpectedly went into an ALL CAPS meltdown as she engaged a flurry of admonishing tweets over her choice to sodomize herself for sexual gratification. What pushed her buttons? “Eduardo the Seal” told her she’d disappointed him.

What starts as a moral lecture on the evils of anal quickly covers a lot of other ground, ranging from arguments about interspecies dating to the precautions taken (or not) to prevent ass bacteria from getting all over your clean dishes in the kitchen.

Stay tuned to NIPS as we follow this story! In the meantime…

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Bailey Knox, Carlotta Champagne, Misty Gates & Pookie: Hot Tub Panda Party

Bailey Knox, Carlotta Champagne, Misty Gates and Pookie from Party All Star turn down for no one at the Epic Panda Hot Tub Party! Carlotta brought along her naturally busty friend, Pookie, giving this party the best pair of pair of boobs I have ever seen together. Also, Misty and Bailey couldn’t keep their hands off each other! Yes, it was that kind of party!

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Misty Gates Fucks Bailey Knox: The Sequel Zipset Video

misty-gates-fucks-bailey-knox-the-sequel-zipset-video As promised from the exclusive leak just a few days ago right here on NIPS, the lost video of Misty Gates fucking Bailey Knox with a dildo (and her mouth…and fingers) to multiple orgasms has been found and is now ready for immediate download!

The full zipset comes with a 46-minute HD video and over 200 photos of their second sexual encounter. Here is a link to their first fuck! Bailey Knox is a “non nude” model so this video was supposed to never be released, but it is just too hot not to be seen! Buy it before she makes them take it down!

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Misty Gates Fucks Bailey Knox: The Lost Sextape Zipset Video Leak

One of the most famous zipsets ever released was when Bailey Knox fucks Misty Gates with a dildo. I can’t even believe such a legendary video exists! But ever since then, people have been waiting for Misty to get her sexual revenge and fuck Bailey! There have been so many rumors about this video’s existence; but when it never surfaced, it was believed to have been lost forever. Well, look what I got in my email today! The first full minute of the epic sequel! It’s coming!

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Misty Gates: Multiplayer Trash Talk

Misty Gates thinks being a hardcore gamer girl means running out to get fragged so the controller vibrates against her pussy. I think that could be the reason why Major League Gaming doesn’t have a ladies division! After seeing this gallery of Misty playing Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary, I kind of wish they did. Get on that MLG!

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Bailey Knox & Misty Gates: Slumber Party In Tampa

Bailey Knox and Misty Gates get together for a sexy slumber party in Tampa.

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Misty Gates: Ice Bucket Challenge Video

misty-gates-ice-bucket-challenge-video Misty Gates teamed up with a fan from her site named O’Bannion for her own fun take on the ice bucket challenge. Donning a sexy sling bikini — “slingerang” as she calls it — she lets the ice fall over her tight ass as she twerks the cubes into the bucket. Yes, really! She then leads O’Bannion to his frosty doom as she plans to dump the ice bucket from two-stories up! And then…and then…Well, I’ll let you see for yourself, because she posted the censored video on YouTube! Definitely one of my favorite Ice Bucket Challenge videos to date!

By the way, there’s also an UNCENSORED version on her site!

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Brooke Marks, Misty Gates & Avery Ray: 3 Girls Windy Beach

Brooke Marks, Misty Gates & Avery Ray get together to square off in a sexy bikini contest on a windy beach. Who do you think is the winner?

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