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Kari Sweets: X-Mas Suspenders Ultimate Collection Video

President Donald Trump may be making Christmas merry again, but Kari Sweets is putting the “X” back in X-Mas! The re-release of her X-Mas Suspenders video has been called “the most X-rated in her Ultimate Collection, yet.”

The original release was a 5-minute, 75MB video with no audio other than an annoying stock Christmas track. The 475MB remaster is almost 3 times longer with 8-minutes of new footage uncompressed with the original audio!

So, you get to hear long lost conversations with Kari that were so naughty they had to be CENSORED! She’s talking about sex toys, her favorite kind of vibrators, and her nickname for her man’s vibrating cock ring.

After Kari Sweets lays on her back and spreads her legs, her photographer proclaims, “This is Merry Christmas to your fans.” He’s right! This video will be the best gift you can get yourself this year!

Kari Sweets: X-Mas Suspenders Ultimate Collection

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Kari Sweets: Bedroom Booty Ultimate Collection

There is a new gallery in the Kari Sweet Ultimate Collection! When Kari starts off topless and in a thong, you know it’s going to be worthy for remastering. 101 brand new pictures were added bring this gallery up from a mere 69 all-the-way to 170, all in full resolution! Now when you see a little something when her boobs push against the bed, you can definitely see it was indeed a nipple!

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Kari Sweets: Scary Cemetery Ultimate Collection Video

Has the Cam Ghost gone back in time to fuck with Kari Sweets? While Stranger things have happened in October, it’s just Kari Sweets giving you the sexiest jumpscare since PewDiePie took on Five Nights at Freddy’s.

The newest video in her Ultimate Collection adds 7 never-seen minutes of footage of a bikini-clad Kari Sweets trying to raise the dead in a scary cemetery. This includes two slips! One, as Kari tries teasing her pussy, the untied bikini bottoms take an extra bounce that she wasn’t planning. The next slip has her acting even more deliberate. She flips the front of her thong down as the camera pans overhead giving you a glimpse of her smooth slit!
Kari Sweets: Scary Cemetery Ultimate Collection Video

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Kari Sweets: Turquoise Tights Ultimate Collection

Put away your X-ray glasses, you won’t need them to see through these turquoise tights. Kari Sweets bends over and gives you the ultimate view in the newest gallery of her Ultimate Collection. 66 new pics added to the original 115, giving you plenty of opportunities to catch a glimpse of that Sweets pussy!

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Kari Sweets: Hokies Ultimate Collection Video

Since the lauch of the Kari Sweets Ultimate Collection in 2014, we have discovered two things. She does indeed have nipples, and we finally started to see how much footage was edited out of the original videos. When a video is cut down from 15 minutes all the way down to 5, there’s a lot sexiness left on the floor due to censorship!

This Hokies video might have been the most censored Kari Sweets video of all time! Well, not anymore!

Kari starts off in a Virginia Tech Hokies bikini before transitioning into some extremely sexy sheer pink lingerie. Once you see her slip off her thong, you are going to see exactly why this video was so censored originally! Wow!

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Kari Sweets: Purple Daze Ultimate Collection

When this Kari Sweets gallery was first released, there were some strange crops. The normal 4:3 aspect ratio suddenly became a 1:1 square. Was this due to some of the pics being taken with a medium format camera, like an old Hasselblad V? Of course not, it was her webmaster purposely cropping out the camel toe that Kari was sporting when she unties her purple bottoms and threads them between her legs. Lame.

The good news is that her new webmaster got ahold of the originals and added them to her Ultimate Collection uncropped and uncensored! There are also a few new nip slips that were uncovered, as well. The count was 17 new slight-to-full nipple slips that were never posted, plus another near-hundred other never-before-seen Kari Sweets Purple Daze pics!

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Kari Sweets: Frilly Lace Ultimate Collection

Kari Sweets has a new gallery in the Ultimate Collection that features her tight round butt hanging out of her frilly lace panties. 34 brand new photos were added to the original 85, giving you 119 total bootylicious pics, finally completing one of Kari’s most ass-centric galleries of all time! Time to wish upon a starfish!

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Kari Sweets: Beauty in Brown Ultimate Collection

Beauty in Brown gets the Ultimate Collection treatment, adding three times the amount of pictures and leaving in all the original slips of Kari Sweets’ nips. A record-breaking 30 slips!

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Kari Sweets: Tease Me To Death Ultimate Collection

Kari Sweets wears the tiniest thong ever to try to tease you to death with her tight smooth camel toe. What a sexy addition to the Ultimate Collection!

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Kari Sweets: Spank Me Daddy Part II Ultimate Collection Video

kari-sweets-spank-me-daddy-part-ii-ultimate-collection-video Kari Sweets is getting a major spanking in her newest Ultimate Collection video! Spank Me Daddy Part II features Kari in a short skirt, not listening to her “teacher”. The spanking punishment coming after she’s caught with drawings that would make even Bill Cosby cringe, revealing her intention to roofie her teacher.

I’m not kidding about that!

The most interesting thing we find out in this video, though, is Kari Sweets may not like to be spanked that hard! While she tries to stay in character, the repeated slaps of the plastic hand against her bare tender ass become too much for her to take. She even states flat out, “I don’t like it!” Then, desperate to get out of her punishment, she insists, “my ass is already red!” But, the spankings continue, as she starts dodging her butt away trying to force the scene to end.

Kari plays the role of a naughty brat very convincingly. Perhaps she’s even too convincing! I can’t tell how much she is playing, how much she is annoyed at the intensity of the spanks, or how much she is really a kinky little minx under all that cute girl-next-door facade.

This video has been extended over double its original length to 7:35. While you get to enjoy Kari Sweets’ thong sliding up her ass and pussy with each slap against her bare ass, the real fun is watching these rare outtake negotiations about how hard she is getting spanked!

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