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Brooke Marks: Cthulhu

zoidberg First, she haunted Nicholas Cage pillows, now the Cam Witch has used her evil powers to turn Brooke Marks into…Cthulhu!

I dunno, I think I’m with Dr. Zoidberg on this one. I do love me some calamari! And hentai. And, most of all, Brooke Marks nipping in a sheer mesh bikini. I’m now on team Cam Witch! There, I’ve said it!

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Brooke Marks: 11/15/15 Camshow: Princess Whoopsie Video

Brooke Marks sat down on her famous “invisible chair” live on webcam. I like when things are looking up!

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Brooke Marks: Cam Ghost Sex Tape Zipset Video

Dropping with even more anticipation than the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie, the new Brooke Marks zipset video is finally available for download!
brooke-marks-cam-ghost-sex-tape-zipset-video Brooke discovered she had an uninvited roommate of the supernatural kind last year. It started out as just a minor haunting, until the ghost finally revealed herself (literally) during one of Brooke’s camshows. As this Halloween approached, though, the paranormal activity grew to epic proportions.

Cam Ghost grew vengeful and angry; probably due to the cable always being out. She went after innocent Bailey Knox with an enchanted Hypnatchi vibrator. Then the ghost turned her powers on Brooke’s celebrity pillowcase of Nicholas Cage: bringing it to life and making it multiply like Gremlins every time it got wet. But, Cam Ghost took her ultimate revenge on Brooke Marks by shooting a secret sex tape with the Nic Cage pillows on Brooke’s bed!

This is 30-minutes of the craziest and sexiest (and spookiest) Brooke Marks video you have ever seen! You have to be a member of her site to purchase it, but it’s great! Check out the first few minutes right here for free…

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Brooke Marks: 10/30/15 Halloween Camshow: Fro2-D2 Video

Brooke Marks cosplayed as R2-D2 and played around with her new BB-8 droid toy during her Star Wars themed Halloween camshow. I’ve been looking for these droids!

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Brooke Marks Halloween 2015 Zip?

During the 2013 Halloween season, Brooke Marks released her very popular Sluttiest Halloween Costumes and Blowjob Skills zipset. Fans have been clamoring for her to give us another treat for All Hallows’ Eve. Well, I think the wait is over, as I have been sent this image with the following anonymous note.


“Bee afraid. Cambitch gets Caged this Halloween.”

Hmm. As you know from the teaser trailer I posted last week, Bailey Knox also got a mysterious letter prior to her Halloween zipset. Stay tuned…

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Brooke Marks & Avery Ray: Vacation

Usually when people take a vacation, they go out, explore and see the sights…but not Brooke Marks and Avery Ray. All this tight blonde and busty ginger wanted to do was roll around in bed together in their thongs. This is the first time I’ve ever wanted to see someone’s vacation pictures, though! Brooke nips out a lot in the full members gallery. Avery is definitely a bad influence on her!

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Brooke Marks: Neon Slipset

Brooke Marks nips out of her bikini top in neon light. I can’t even call them “slips” anymore. Just like in the Neon Sunset video posted last week, she isn’t even making an effort to cover her boobs. Brooke Marks topless is finally fappening!

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Brooke Marks: Neon Sunset Video

brooke-marks-neon-sunset-video This preview is short because Brooke totally went for it after untying her bikini top! Literally one second after this clip ends, she pulls her top side-to-side, not even trying to cover her nipples at all! Click here for the full 5-minute video! She has also developed quite a delicious round rump. Her sexy tanlines really accentuating those curves. Brooke Marks is fit in the front and all party in the back.

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Brooke Marks: 09/23/15 Camshow: Welcome Home BB-8 Video

When the trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII – The Force Awakens dropped last November, there were two things everyone was talking about: the triblade lightsaber and the adorable orange and white rolling droid.

We came to find out that it’s an updated astromech droid named BB-8. The internet fell instantly in love with the soccer ball of the future (or long ago and far, far away), and thus the merchandising also awakens. Toy company Sphero has released a fully functional app controlled robot that moves just like in the movie! $150 and he’s all yours. But, if you can’t afford that, Brooke Marks got her hands on one and unboxed it during her latest camwshow. She’s like the new Disney Collector for fanboys…with boners.

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Brooke Marks: FSU Fan

Brooke Marks is done making FSU fans angry. She shows that she really is a true Seminoles fan, afterall. Speaking of semis, check out those sexy tanlines!

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