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Bailey Knox: Flower Girl

Bailey Knox is in bed wearing black lace lingerie from Victoria’s Secret before ending up nude and covered in flowers. Simple and sexy, right?

Wrong! Don’t be distracted by the nip slips and pussy views. Look closer, you will clearly see Bailey pledging her allegiance to the Illuminati with her feet! Someone call Mark Dice!

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Bailey Knox: Valentine’s Day Dinner

Bailey Knox wore her sexiest sheer lingerie and made a delicious Valentine’s Day dinner for you. She really wants you to eat those greens!

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Bailey Knox: Raingasm Video

Wow, where do I even get started on this sexy video? Ever since Bailey Knox released her Raingasm gallery all the way back in September of 2014, her fans have been clamoring for the rumored video that was also shot that day. I mean the anticipation literally took on mythic proportions! I heard #RAINGASMVIDEO was even trending on Twitter for a while.

Well, it’s finally here! Bailey Knox gets doused with a hose as her clothes slide off her wet body. The rain. A powerful little vibrator strapped against her pussy forcing her to cum. The orgasm. And together they make the Raingasm video!


Check out the the 90 seconds below…a NIPS exclusive! Once that water came down, things sexalated quickly. Bailey was even topless; that tape over her nipples did not hold on at all when it was wet! I’m honestly surprised this video didn’t end up in her zip store because it’s that good! Luckily for you, her members can download it right now!

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Bailey Knox: Happy New Year 2016

We found out from her Taste Tests video that Bailey Knox has a very specific palette when it comes to her alcohol. Wait till you see what happens when she takes her first sip of a special Blue Years martini at the Epic Panda holiday party! Bailey even showed up in a sheer dress and no bra! Now there’s a holiday party in my pants.

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Bailey Knox: Making X-Mas Cards 4 Fans

Bailey Knox paints up her nipples and uses them to make some X-mas cards for her fans. Now I’m feeling festive! Bailey seems to be a pretty talented artist; her boobs could start a new abstract expressionism movement. I may have to hire her to design the next NIPS logo.

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Bailey Knox: Belated Birthday Bad Girl

Everyone wish Bailey Knox a happy belated birthday! She is so nice to share her cake with all of us. No plates, though, so you will have to lick it all off her sexy body! Looks like she got a brand new Hitachi vibrator to play with, too! Hmm, wonder what happened to that Hypnatchi?

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Bailey Knox: Taste Tests Video

bailey-knox-taste-tests-video01 Bailey Knox is known more as a wild party girl than for her exquisite tastes, so it’s a lot of fun to see her do a blind taste test between cheap snacks and expensive delicacies.

Blindfolded, she compares champagnes, wines, cheeses and meats. A $6 bottle of J.Roget to a $200 bottle of Dom Perignon. McKEnzie-Mueller against Gallo Family Sweet Red from a gas station.

By the time she’s done wine tasting, she is getting drunk and strips down to her skimpy bikini. Check out that “boob mic”.

We then find out her perfect cheese is made by Slim Jim, as is her favorite meat. Snap into the video below!

But wait, there’s more! Her final test is a little too hot for YouTube. She experiences a $6 Magic Bullet vibrator before taking on a fancy G Vibe 2 that retails for a whopping $145! You gotta join her site for the full UNCENSORED video to see which of those makes Bailey Knox cum! OMG!


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Bailey Knox: The Hypnatchi – Halloween 2015 Zipset Video

It’s Halloween, and, as promised, we finally get to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Hypnatchi vibrator that Bailey Knox received in the mail from her “biggest fan”. Who sent it? What happened after Bailey pressed it against her pussy? Will Eduardo the Seal survive the night? Can you really see Bailey Knox nude if you pay $24.95 to purchase the zip? All these questions will be answered…and more!
bailey-knox-the-hypnatchi-halloween-2015-zipset-video This is both the weirdest and most creative video I have ever posted here on NIPS, so that’s saying a lot! I was so excited after seeing the trailer (posted below), and it more than lived up to the hype. The editing was lightyears beyond anything I’ve ever seen in this niche and the story was a lot of fun! Right now it is only available for purchase if you are a member of Bailey’s site. So, if you’re not a member, make sure you join now!

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Bailey Knox: Pikachu 4 U

Bailey Knox unveils off her 2015 Halloween costume; she chooses her favorite Pok√©mon, Pikachu! That’s some sexy cosplay but you should see my Pocket Monster! It’s shocking!

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Bailey Knox: Halloween 2015 Zipset Trailer Video

Bailey Knox has an EPIC zipset coming out on Halloween. A teaser trailer has dropped with 30 seconds of actual footage from the video. Bailey receives a mysterious package in the mail. It’s a “Hypnatchi” vibrator along with an anonymous unsigned note instructing her to “turn it on…and have the greatest time of your life.” Bailey looks at the odd device before deciding to take it for a spin; the words “totally safe” are inscribed on the packaging, after all. That’s when all hell breaks loose!

Upon turning on the power, Bailey is paralyzed and may even be possessed! Unfortunately, that is where the video ends. However, we’re not going to be left hanging like at the end of the Blair Witch Project. October 31, 2015…we find out what happens to Bailey Knox!

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