Sexy Pattycake: Web Slinger Video

Prepare to be amazed, true believers! Your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man finally ditched Elsa for, none other than, our favorite busty redhead, Pattycake, who seduced him by cosplaying as the sexiest version of Mary Jane Watson, ever. That’s right, MJ as interpreted by legendary comic book artist, J. Scott Campbell, on the iconic cover of Amazing Spider-Man Vol 1 601! As Stan Lee would say, “Nuff Said!”

Spider-Man has his web shooter full and is ready to go swinging. Pattycake obliges by kneeling before the Web Slinger, gladly ready to relieve his tingling spider-sense! She sucks and jerks her horny hero’s hard spider-cock until he shoots his web fluid all over her big boobs and phat ass! You all know the Amazing Spider-Man’s famous motto, “With great boners cums great orgasms!”

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