Kari Sweets: Purple Daze Ultimate Collection

When this Kari Sweets gallery was first released, there were some strange crops. The normal 4:3 aspect ratio suddenly became a 1:1 square. Was this due to some of the pics being taken with a medium format camera, like an old Hasselblad V? Of course not, it was her webmaster purposely cropping out the camel toe that Kari was sporting when she unties her purple bottoms and threads them between her legs. Lame.

The good news is that her new webmaster got ahold of the originals and added them to her Ultimate Collection uncropped and uncensored! There are also a few new nip slips that were uncovered, as well. The count was 17 new slight-to-full nipple slips that were never posted, plus another near-hundred other never-before-seen Kari Sweets Purple Daze pics!

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