Bailey Knox: The Hypnatchi – Halloween 2015 Zipset Video

It’s Halloween, and, as promised, we finally get to unravel the mysteries surrounding the Hypnatchi vibrator that Bailey Knox received in the mail from her “biggest fan”. Who sent it? What happened after Bailey pressed it against her pussy? Will Eduardo the Seal survive the night? Can you really see Bailey Knox nude if you pay $24.95 to purchase the zip? All these questions will be answered…and more!
bailey-knox-the-hypnatchi-halloween-2015-zipset-video This is both the weirdest and most creative video I have ever posted here on NIPS, so that’s saying a lot! I was so excited after seeing the trailer (posted below), and it more than lived up to the hype. The editing was lightyears beyond anything I’ve ever seen in this niche and the story was a lot of fun! Right now it is only available for purchase if you are a member of Bailey’s site. So, if you’re not a member, make sure you join now!

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