Sexy Pattycake: 90’s Girl

Pattycake reps her favorite (and my second favorite) decade: The Nineties!

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Nikki Sims: Candle Wax Full Video

Nikki Sims posted her Candle Wax video in April 2013. Wow, time flies!

It featured Nikki nude on her back with only tape over her nips while she pressed a vibrator against her pussy, then having hot candle wax dripped all over her. At the time, I said it might have been her best video ever! At least up until that point in time. However, when posting this new never-before-seen B-roll video, her webmaster, Joey Mumblez, said, “I thought this was a cool video when we shot it, but it wasn’t well received.” Weird.

I still stick by my original statement.

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Zishy: Sabrina Lynn We Can Dream

Sabrina Lynn nearly busts out of her bra. I nearly bust a nut.

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Sexy Pattycake: Bird Boxing Pick Your Price Premium Video

The Bird Box movie on Netflix, starring Sandra Bullock and her foreskin face, has spawned a wealth of memes. None more ubiquitous than the Bird Box Challenge, where participants blindfold themselves, like the characters in the movie, and try to carry out various tasks for up to 24-hours. Like driving a car, for instance! This dangerous behavior has been disavowed by Netflix and immediately banned from YouTube!

Not one to shy away from controversy, and already having been banned from YouTube, Pattycake gives her take on the challenge by masturbating blindfolded. Can she find the right hole when she’s bent over and her hand reaches back? Is there even a “right hole” when it comes to a finger or two? This is a special “Pick Your Price” video where members can choose what they wish to pay! Also, only available for a Limited Time Only!

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Meet Madden: White Lace Video

Madden nips out of sexy sheer thong lingerie.

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Zishy: Kelsey Berneray Extra Deep Eddy

Kelsey Berneray makes, what could be, her final appearance on Zishy! Let’s focus on the positive please? Her big busty curves!

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Bailey Knox: Oversized Toy Orgasm Premium Wins Video

Bailey Knox deep throats and fucks herself with a giant blue dildo. She unlocks her jaw like a damn cobra! I am impressed! This new Premium Wins video gets even better when she lays back and fucks herself to orgasm! Download this video now!

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Spencer Nicks: Bathtub Bae Premium Wins Video

Spencer Nicks slips into the bathtub in a thong her favorite Sexy and Funny T-shirt before ending up nude in her bubble bath. She shot these pics and video especially for her Premium Wins Custom Creations store, where she likes to just let loose and have the most fun!

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Sexy Pattycake: Bear Cheeks II Limited Time Only

Pattycake spreads her bare cheeks for a beaded surprise! She even gets a little help from a third hand. This is actually a Limited Time Only photo gallery, which is a first for her!
Sexy Pattycake: Bear Cheeks II Limited Time Only

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Zishy: Slava Konevs The Professional 2

Slava Konevs wastes no time getting nude to show you her tight petite body! Perfect perky tits and dat ass!

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