Nikki Sims: Down Town Video

Nikki Sims has her webmaster go “Down Town” on her. Shot with a GoPro camera in first-person point-of-view, this video gives you an immersive experience into what it would be like to make Nikki moan and cum while you pleasure her with a virbator and explore her sexy body with your hands.

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Alisa Kiss: Super Video

Alisa Kiss looks super sexy in her Supergirl themed corset and thong lingerie set! Fans of Alisa’s big round butt will absolutely love this video, along with all the nip slips as she tries to keep her boobs contained in that corset! Up, up and away! (Yeah, I know I use that joke too much, but these girls love to keep cosplaying in Superman and Supergirl outfits, so I’m running out of material!) I wonder if this costume is for Dragoncon?

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Meet Madden: In The End Video

Madden dances atop a studio loft in a thong to Linkin Park’s (classic?) In the End. I hope she doesn’t fall of there with the way she’s moving that body!

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Sexy Pattycake: Break Your Heart I Video

Pattycake is a definitely a little heartbreaker, but in the shower she’s also quite a gusher, too! Just like she said on Twitter

I think it’s even in the Bill of Rights. “Pursuit of happiness,” indeed. Check out the video below! Can’t wait for the sequel…

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Nikki Sims: Webcam from 08/25/14

Nikki Sims gets rug burn on her tender nipples as she lays face down (ass up) on the carpet topless and playing around with her new virbrator.

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Cosmid: Clair Simms: First Set

Meet Clair Simms! Another great find over at Cosmid. She’s making her debut stripping off jean shorts and a crop top to show off her amazing big boobs. For once, I can’t tell if they are real or not, especially on her tight fit frame. I’m usually very good at this, but either way…WOW! I love her tiny perky nips, too!

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Kate Winn: Sexy Ice Bucket Challenge Video

Busty blonde Kate Winn accepts the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! #IceBucketChallenge #WetTShirt #Nips

Kate posted this video for free on youtube, in hopes that you will donate to help find a cure for ALS!

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Nikki Sims: The Boxer

Nikki Sims looks more cute than tough trying to take up the sweet science of boxing. But, I do believe she could totally knock a mother fucker out if she hit them in the face with those chest cannons! Get up you son of a bitch, because Nikki loves you!

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Meet Madden: After Drenched In Oil

Meet Madden gets drenched in baby oil wearing sexy sheer lace lingerie!

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Cosmid: Emily Born: In The Shower

Here is a new gallery of Emily Born that Cosmid released today. It’s “new” since it hasn’t been posted before, but it’s still from the original shoot they did with her months ago. So, Emily Born is still officially in retirement. For now.

I feel like we should nominate her for the Ice Bucket Challenge to get her in front of a camera again…and for charity, of course! But can you imagine a video of Emily Born in a sheer wet t-shirt like this, her hard nipples peering through from the ice cold water? Emily, if you’re out there…make us proud!

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